Board of Directors Meeting 20200316 Special Meeting

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19:30 Call to Order

Attendance [teleconference]
- Julie Harris
- James Henningsone
- Ken Purcell
- Brad Sims
- Lara Rosenblith 

Requirement for advance notice waived by unanimous consent

MOTION: Out of an abundance of caution regarding the emerging situation with the COVID-19 epidemic, the Dallas Makerspace will close its premises at 00:00 3/18/2020.  The Board of Directors will monitor the situation, keep the membership appraised, and re-open the Makerspace at an appropriate time.
 - Proposed Brad
 - Seconded James
 - Vote
   - In favor: Unanimous
   - Opposed:
   - Abstain: 
   - Motion Passed

19:42 Meeting adjourned