Board of Directors Meeting 20200709 Special Meeting

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- James Henningson
- Julie Harris
- Ken Purcell
- Brad Sims
- Lara Rosenblith

MOTION: Waive requirement for Advance Notice by unanimous consent
Passed: Unanimously

MOTION:  Formal Complaints have been filed By James Henningson, Luke Olson, and Andrew LeCody against Mark Havens. As two of these members are on the upcoming ballot, along with two other members of this board, and in order to remove even the appearance of impropriety, impanel Paul Wilson, Charles Proctor, and Andrew Spencer , to serve as impartial arbitrators tasked with determining whether a violation has occurred. The sitting board will retain the duty of determining sanction, should such a violation be found. 
- Proposed Brad
- Seconded Lara
- Vote
  - In favor Brad, Ken, Lara, Julie
  - Opposed 0
  - Abstained James
  - Motion passed