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This page is for ideas and thoughts on policies

Tool Procedure Ideas -- Broken Tools

The workshop should have a supply of something easily visually recognizable (I suggested a blue cone) that all members have access to. In case of a tool breakdown or other damage a blue cone would be placed on the machine. All members should then consider that machine out of service and not attempt to remove the blue cone.

Only the owner of the machine or the Tool Coordinator can remove the blue cone. They would evaluate the damage and repair it, or determine that nothing was actually wrong and return the machine to service.

This would provide an easy way to signify that a tool is not considered safe to operate at this time.

Monthly Swap Meets

We often had swap meet sorts of things at the old Warehouse. At the Makerspace, we could do something similar.

It'd be super awesome to make an alternative to First Saturday, but not filled with crap. Perhaps it'd be invite only, or on trial basis. So junk collectors would not be invited back. No idea where you'd hold it if it was that big...

Other robot clubs (SRS) do swap meets and other hackerspaces (one up north someplace) do 'garage sales'.

Charge a cover fee for fundraising?

group buys distributed by mailing a box to other HS / migratory box of electronics crap

peter: "we might be able to schedule Hackerspace-wide group buys like this.. Buy it, ship it all to HS #1, they take theirs, rewrap, ship to HS #2, they take theirs, rewrap, etc.. do{ }until(eof())"

steve: "we created a TGIMBOEJ for Shipped it to the first person and it was never heard from again"