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Brake Drum Forges are design to hold solid fuels to heat metal for the purpose of hot work forging.[1]


We are currently in the design and acquisition phase of the project. So far we've acquired a cast iron brake drum. It's a GM part for older heavy duty trucks.

Things We Need

  • Clay (possibly)
  • Welder
  • Steel Plate
  • Iron Pipe
  • Steel Sheet Metal
  • Sheet Metal Shears
  • Blower
  • Misc Hand Tools
  • Someone with Sheet Metal Experience

- There may be some other items needed, but from what I can see this should be most of it.

Active Members


  • Build a Forge for Forge Welding
  • Take Pictures of the Process
  • Stay within a budget of $300


Coal Forge Diagram
  • Currently we're working on the design of a Tuyere, Blower, Fire Pot, Forge Table and a Stand/Legs.


Front View of Tuyere
  • We will take a 4" cast iron pipe and flare it to fit the Fire Pot.
  • We will take triangular piece of metal and attach it to a 3/8" steel rod with a 90deg bend to form a clinker breaker.

Fire Pot

  • We are using a Cast Iron Brake Drum for the Fire Pot.


  • Need a squirrel cage type blower

Forge Table

  • TBD


  • TBD


Cast Iron Brake Drum