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Building Wish List

We've put together a list of desired qualities the new space should have. In part these are based on the DPRG's experience with our previous location and in part on suggestions provided by DPRG members and other hackerspaces. Like the classic "good - fast - cheap" triangle, it's unlikely any space could meet all these specifications, so we'll have to trade off for the best combination we can find.

  • In Dallas County
  • In an area that's reasonably safe after dark
  • Near major North-South and East-West highways
  • Within walking distance of DART rail station
  • 2,000 to 5,000 square feet
  • Office space / warehouse space combination
  • Grade-level roll-up door into warehouse
  • Two restrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Social areas
  • HVAC through out building
  • Sufficient parking for 20+ cars
  • 220V and/or 480V power drops for large tools and welder

Desirable Areas for a Building

Map of current member locations

If someone donates a potentially useful building, we're very flexible on the location. If we have to lease it, we'll most likely opt for a location that's central to our current member base, which means near 635/75. Anywhere along the north to south extent of 75 offers reasonably good travel time for most members.

  • Intersection of 635/75 (optimum travel time location based on current membership)
  • Downtown Plano (far north but at least one location with a lot of potential; an old gas station)
  • Downtown Garland (far north but several cheap options available)
  • Deep Ellum / Oak Cliff (far south but this where our best potential members and audience are)

What We'd Like to Put in the ideal Space

This is a wish list of all the things we'd like to someday see in the ideal hackerspace. Don't expect to see all (or any) of this equipment present on the first day! :)

  • Meeting room for up to 50 people
  • Private meeting rooms for collaboration, teleconferences, or board meetings
  • Social area open to the public
  • Member-access only tool area in warehouse
    • metal working tools
    • MIG, TIG, arc, gas welding equipment
    • wood working tools
    • vacuforming, injection molding equipment
    • leather working tools
    • 3D printer
    • laser/plasma/waterjet/other CNC
    • ceramics (e.g. kiln, molds, pottery wheel)
    • metal anodizing station
  • Member-access storage areas
  • Server room with Rack and computer lab
  • Darkroom / lithography lab
  • Paint room in warehouse area
  • Automotive bay in warehouse area
  • Studio area for photography, video, and audio use
  • Exterior tower for Ham equipment
  • Exterior wind/solar power equipment
  • Exhibition area for art

List of information about spaces

  • Audelia/Skillman/LBJ intersection
    • Address: Suite C103 11020 Audelia Road, Dallas, TX 75243 (Google Map Link)
    • Size: 1680 sqft
    • Asking Price: $700/mo
    • Lease terms: one year only
    • Bathrooms: one
    • Garage door? yes
    • 24 hour access? yes
    • Kitchen? kitchenette with sink
    • Power? two phase (240v) up to 100amps (confirmed)
    • Internet Options: AT&T dsl and UVerse
    • Parking Spaces: two or three in front, 15 or so undedicated nearby
    • Visited by: Alyssa, Ed and Alan
  • Template Entry
    • Address:
    • Size:
    • Asking Price:
    • Lease terms:
    • Bathrooms:
    • Garage door?
    • 24 hour access?
    • Kitchen?
    • Power?
    • Internet Options:
    • Parking Spaces:
    • Visited By: