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Building Search Notes

I created this to help me keep track of who I've contacted about our building search.

Already contacted

  • emailed Deep Ellum Association (replied they'd pass info to some local building owners)
  • emailed Old Oak Cliff Conservation League (automated reply)
  • emailed Preservation Dallas (no reply)
  • emailed Sonya Smith at the City of Dallas economic development group (no reply)
  • emailed Maher Maso, mayor of Frisco, TX (no reply)
  • emailed Tim Ward of (replied donation was unlikely but he'd watch for something)
  • FB email to Sarah Johnson of Dallas Observer (no reply)
  • FB email to Teresa Gubbins of Pegasus News (reply from her and Alex, said would do story)
  • mentioned need to DC214 group while speaking to them about Maker Space
  • Posted Craigslist ad 1 (one reply, offer of a building in Palestine, TX)
  • Posted Craigslist ad 2 (one reply, offer of low cost shared space in Highland Village)
  • Posted Craigslist ad 3 (no reply)
  • spoke to owner of the Color Lab (interested in sub leasing 2k sf of space to us)
  • Visited Mason's building (20100407 Pictures 1, Pictures 2, Main site)

Potential Contacts

  • Sonny Moyers, O'Dea Moyers Group
  • Continental Gin (worth getting a price anyway)