CLAUSING-Colchester 13" Lathe

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About this page:

  • This page is to track the work needed to get the CLAUSING-Colchester 13" lathe up and running.

Superseded by the Source Page:


13-inch Clausing-Colchester lathe
13-inch Clausing-Colchester lathe
  • \\files\committees\machineshop
    • Manuals
    • Lubrication Chart
    • Parts List
    • Accessory Parts
  • Parts and Manuals for purchase [WARNING: Some pages on this site are reported to serve malware]


Copied from user manual found in Committee Files.

Centers Leadscrew
Height 6.5 in Diameter 1.125 in
Dist between 40 in Thread 4 T.P.I.
Swing Threads
Over bed 13.25 in Metric pitches 0.2 - 14 mm (39)
Over cross-slide 8.25 in Imperial T.P.I. 2 - 72 TPI (45)
In gap 19 in Module pitches 0.3 - 3.5 MOD (18)
Length in front of spindle nose 4.5 in Diametral pitches 8-44 D.P. (21)
Spindle Feeds
Bored to pass 1.625 in Metric (R10 Series) 0.03mm - 1.0 mm
Nose type 4 in. D.1 camlock Imperial (R10 Series) 0.001 in x 0.040 in
Morse taper in bush 3 MT Cross feeds = half longitudinal
(approx) values
Spindle Speeds Height of Machine
No. off 16 Floor to spindle center 41.75 in
Selected in four ranges of
four speeds in each range
..30.......40.......54.......72 Overall Length
..98......130......175......235 40 in. machine 78 in
.320......425......570......770 Weight
1030.....1380.....1860.....2500 40 in. machine 890 kg (approx)
Bed Cross-slide
Width of ways 9.125 in Width and length 5.875 in x 19.125 in
Type of ways Vee and flat Travel 8.25 in
Top slide Tailstock
Width 3.5 in Quill Diameter (nominal) 2 in
Travel 3.75 in 5.75 in
Tool section 1 x 1 in ...Morse taper 3 MT
Quick change tooling Dickson No. 2 Set over (0.250 in)
Motor (main) Coolant pump unit
1800 r.p.m. (60 Hz) 3.7Kw (5HP) Cont. Type AQ3 50/60 Hz 1/20 h.p.
L184T Frame size



  • (Done) Use Scotch-Brite pads to remove surface rust
  • (Done) Clean and re-oil ways
  • (Done) Clear oiling ports throughout machine
  • (Done) Coolant tank cleaned


  • Replace all oils per manual

Connect Electrical

Motor in unit is 230v 3 phase which may be a problem at the space. Check with Infrastructure.

  • Add pig-tail and plug

Coolant pump

  • Verify it works
    • If not, what's needed to get it working?
  • (Done) Attach spigot to cross-slide
  • (Done) Find out how to install collection tray

Collet Closer

  • (What is this?) Figure out how it attaches and works

Tool Holders

Figure out where they will go and attach them

BXA ToolPost

  • Install

Make new Speed Selector Handle

  • (Done) Repaired old unit with epoxy, mounted, seems to work fine

Misc Maint

  • (Done - yes) New Belt(s)?

Verify operation

  • Check that all features work as they should

6" Chuck Backing Plate

  • Turn and Mill to fit small 4-jaw


  • Backing plate for 6" 4-jaw (Done)
  • Face Plate (Done)
  • Large 4-Jaw (Done)
  • 5C Collet chuck (Done - Collet closer)
  • Plate to attache BXA Quick-Change Tool Post
  • Aluminum for speed selector handle
  • Pigtail and plug