Carbon Fiber Autoclave

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About this page:

  • This page is to track a project to convert a H.A.S.T. chamber into a carbon fiber autoclave. If you have question about this project or would like to participate, please contact Robert Johnson IV


  • Despatch LPB1-78V
    • Power 208 1PH
    • Max Presure 105 PSIA
    • Max Temp 330F
    • Heater 7600W
  • Controller Manual

Autoclave Build Team

  • Robert Johnson IV


Vacuum pump

There is a vacuum pump, currently under the granite table in the machine shop next to the lathe. It needs:

  • Oil
  • An electrical cable
  • Test that it works
  • Remove the water tank in the bottom of the chamber and install the pump there

Pressure Test Chamber

  • Block open ports
  • Remove water line(s) replace with vacuum line fittings
  • Confirm tank hand hold pressure of 100PSI (Not to exceed 105PSI)

Connect Electrical

  • Before doing anything, check for shorts in the unit
  • Connect power cord for 208V 1PH

Test Control Unit

  • Check that control unit operates per the manual
  • Check heating elements
  • See if it's possible to program in a pressure/temperature profile.
    • Can vacuum be controlled as well?
    • Are there time limits?
    • Could we use the graph to log temp/pressure/vacuum?