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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


Educate and promote automotive knowledge and car culture, by facilitating both a safe place to work on vehicles and organizing projects, events, and classes related to vehicles.

Video Surveillance in Use

You can view a webcam view of the auto area at

AUTOMOTIVE AREA RULES...or act like a Member, not a Customer.

The automotive rules are guided by two simple principles, be excellent to each other and be safe.

We have limited space and resources, so while working on vehicles in any capacity is encouraged in the automotive area, remember that you are sharing that space with hundreds of other DMS members. So do not do things like leave a vehicle blocking others while you are not there, do not leave any mess especially one that creates a safety hazard, etc.

No automotive work in exchange for money or other services.

While working with and helping others is encouraged, we do not allow members to work on vehicles in exchange for money or other services.

Vehicle owner is responsible for any and all repairs done to their vehicle.

Access is on a first come first serve basis only.

Outside of teaching an approved class, a member may not reserve the automotive area ahead of time.

Do not remove any automotive tools from the premises.

There is no off-site borrowing of DMS tools permitted for individual members. removing a tool will be treated as theft.

No vehicles left inside unattended for any significant amount of time.

If you leave a note on the windshield with name, phone number, and ETA, quick runs for parts or food are understandable. If the unavoidable worst happens and you must leave vehicle for significant time, you MUST leave note and contact Chair of Automotive or a Board Member immediately.

No loading / unloading in the Automotive Area when a vehicle is being worked on.

Instead use loading dock or use a cart to move your materials from the parking lot. It is incredibly dangerous to have vehicles maneuvering around other vehicles while people are working under them.

Pull into the Automotive Area completely as to not block the door or walkways.

We have two official bays. It is permissible, depending on vehicle size and whether you will be preventing vehicles in the official bays from exiting or blocking the designated fire exit walking path between the bays and door, to work on vehicles between these bays and the roll doors.

No leaving used fluids on premises.

You are expected to have a container to take your fluids with you when done and dispose of them PROPERLY. Wipe out residue from drain pans and funnels with paper towels.

  1. Used oil and filters can be taken to many auto parts stores where you initially bought the oil (reuse the containers the new oil came in), such as AutoZone and O'Reilly Autoparts.
  2. County hazardous chemicals disposal centers that are typically free to use if you live in that area, such as Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center and Tarrant County Environmental Collection Center.
  3. Your local city might also offer curb side hazardous pickup, inquire with you local city waste services.

Precautions (drip pans, cardboard, plywood) must be used to prevent fluids from leaking onto the floor.

All messes/spills must be cleaned up immediately.

Use oil absorbent to remove any oils from the floor, then mop the floor. Wipe down work tables and tool box with cleaner and paper towels.

Tools must be cleaned and returned to their proper place.

If you don’t know where that is, ask someone.

Idling motors indoors is prohibited.

Motors may only be run just long enough to move a vehicle while a bay door is open.

Use of jack stands required when working underneath a car with jacks.

No outdoor work.

Our lease prohibits washing, working on or storing vehicles in the parking lot. It also prohibits overnight parking.


Automotive 102 Lift Training required.

The official list of approved automotive Lift trainers is maintained in the DMS AD, and may teach via one-on-one or standard classes. There is also a $5 fee to the Automotive Committee associated with the class. If a class is not posted, members are encouraged to post on Talk to arrange for a training.

Only operator’s personally-owned or family-owned vehicle may be placed on lift.

Use at your own risk. DMS not responsible for any damage you do to your own property.

Maximum curb weight 7,000 pounds.


Video surveillance is in use. If you are observed violating committee rules, we may take the following actions:

  • we may not allow you to complete your job.
  • we may suspend your access to the Automotive Area up to the maximum time permitted by the Dallas Makerspace Rules.
  • we may invalidate both your Automotive 102 Lift training.
  • we may petition the Board for stricter consequences.

Unless the situation warrants us petitioning the Board, you have a path forward. The Chair or Vice Chair may allow you to get re-certified by re-taking Automotive 101, Automotive 102 Lift, and/or completing service hours.


The committee routinely meets on the last Wednesday of each month, typically at 7:00 pm. Meetings will be posted on the calendar.

Committee Members

Contact the Committee on the DMS Discussion Board using either (a) the Automotive Category, (b) the @Team_Automotive tag, or (c) individual tags given below.

  • Freddy Calvert (chair) - @yashsedai
  • Tails Hartnett- @hon1nbo
  • Michael Bayern - @michaelb
  • Patrick Thompson
  • Jayson Woods - @engpin
  • Chuck Baber - @dr_cee
  • Ferman Laos - @ferman
  • Cary Ritchey - @careyritchey
  • Andrew Spencer - @jast
  • David Kessinger @photomancer
  • James Braye - @kinosh
  • Joe King - @worldcloud


Discussions are held via the site. To sign up for notifications on Automotive tagged posts:

  1. Sign in with an account
  2. Scroll through posts until you see an Automotive tag(green box) on a post, click on the green box
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen there is a circle icon and dropdown, click the dropdown
  4. Select Watching from the dropdown so you will get notifications on posts

Approved Lift Instructors

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Approved Auto Lift Users

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