Ceramics Committee Meeting 20190605

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20190605

Link to all of the meeting minutes:


June DMS Ceramics Committee Meeting Wednesday, 2019.06.05 6:30pm Topic Background Proposed Process

1. Introduction Purpose: Sign in Leader: Brenda

Attendees: Eric Kelso, James Henningson, Brenda Morlan, Anita Willis, April Burke, Chris Cooper, Beth Appleton, Amanda Cline, Johnny Bluejacket, Jenny Smith, Steve Wynne, Liam Lui, Clark Perkens, Monika Troester

2. Any old business needing to be addressed? Purpose: Share information Leader: Brenda Sell donated kiln to free up space New kiln shelves arrived to replace cracked shelves Recent purchases: Glazes (use up bottles with little to none glaze left first), hair dryers, heat gun Reminder: keep glazes organized numerically James H discussed DMS state fair entries, He is holding a class on Wednesday to discuss further. We will have a DMS fair day Kiln for sale has people inquiring but no one following up James to help get the kiln for sale on to DMS Craigslist New shelves arrived We need to order a couple new stools Please keep the glazes in numerical order on the shelves.

3. No Low Fire Clay in Ceramics Purpose: Share Information Leader: Brenda Four kiln shelves have been damaged due to low fire mica clay

Discuss kiln safety Clarify clay bodies and vote to label all pieces before going into kiln - group decided that the labels will be available for use but not required at this time. Recap low fire rules Reminder to sign up for Ceramics Orientation 100 - Welcome to Ceramics! Make sure and keep items on in progress shelf or labeled not complete if you do not want it fired. We are running kilns every couple of days. Special firinings need to be cleared/approved by Brenda New rules: 1st time there is a problem - communication and/or discussion on issue. 2nd time you will be held responsible for equipment damage - unanimous YES

4. Expansion Purpose: Share Information Leader: Brenda Recap expansion updates posted on Talk Tape off Ceramics space in 102 and mark electrical lines for kilns Discuss ideas for new Ceramics space David Ratcliff is the new head of expansion. Electrical contracts in progress and venting plans in discussion. Glass kilns will be moved to brick wall in Logistics area to keep all kilns on the same brick wall Sink will be placed on the back wall on the opposite side of the wall from Glass Ceramics and Jewelry will move before machine shop. Timing should be 1-3 months Slip casting table needs to be moved and the motor repaired to make it functional.

5. Equipment Purchases Purpose: Share Information Leader: Brenda Recap pugmill proposal presented in May Committee Meeting Propose new kiln purchase to replace Paragon Sentry 2.0 kiln Vote to buy new Skutt kiln KM1027-3 unanimous for YES for purchase Giffen Grip vote - 10 yes; majority YES for purchase Sieve - Unanimous YES for purchase Pug mill discussion - no decision to purchase at this time. Will take further discussion, operational plans, and justification for future potential purchase. We need to consider safety rules and do more research on how other studios manage this process organizationally. Discussed purchasing Fitz (paragon). Price of $129, YES purchase and determine repair costs and decide how we want to proceed with repairs or not.

6. Fundraising Ideas Purpose: Share Information Leader: Brenda Fundraising ideas to raise money for future equipment purchases Discuss Committee t-shirts as a fundraising possibility Screen printing workshop for Committee leadership Donation Box to be set up in the area for items to be sold at a farmers/craft market. Discussed different farmers markets and DMS table at Farmers Branch market we could attend Discussed potential Twisted Root charity night Research to be completed on different markets we could attend Start using Facebook page more to post pictures. Monika will create an Instagram page that will auto feed to Facebook

7. Clay & Coffee Purpose: Share Information Leader: Brenda Dip Glaze Extravaganza this Sunday June, 9th from 1:00-3:00 p.m. Topic suggestions for July Clay & Coffee Date suggestions for July Clay & Coffee October Clay & Coffee Show and Tell: a Progression of Personal Work 2019 Progression of work show and tell Specific item making event Team events Clay Olympics Macro Crystalline for July

8. Any proposed topics to discuss not on the agenda? Purpose: Decision Leader: Brenda

Ashley will volunteer to wash the aprons at the laundromat. Chris Cooper donated $20 to help fund the wash State Fair event for Ceramics - create a calendar event to help/mentor folks for entries Forms need to be sent in by 7/19 and entry delivered between 8/9 - 8/11 Need to attend logistics meetings to understand plans for personal storage Next meeting we need to talk about field trips or guest artists to help us all learn new skills

New Kiln Proposal

Purpose: To replace the Paragon Sentry 2.0 kiln. The Sentry Paragon kiln has been throwing errors failing to heat and reach temperature. All errors have been during bisque firings. This could result in pitting during glaze firings, as the clay is not able to gas out. The Paragon kiln is on loan to Ceramics at Dallas Makerspace and is not our property. Funds to diagnose and repair the Paragon kiln would be better spent to replace the kiln entirely. Although the kiln is still in working condition, it is no longer reliable. The Paragon kiln could still be used as back-up for overflow, test kiln, or reserved for personal firings.

Reason: Standardize our kilns to a single manufacturer. Skutt is a reliable, quality manufactured kiln manufacturer with an excellent customer support system. Heavily favored by kiln repair technicians for quick turnarounds on questions and warranty issues. They recently replaced our cracked kiln shelves within two weeks. Replacement parts are markedly less expensive. Strong safety focus in design and are frequently used in schools.

Skutt KM 1027-3 The KM1027 has everything most potters need in a kiln. The chamber size is tall enough to fire a 23″ tall pot and wide enough to hold a 21″ platter. At single phase 208V it has the capacity to fire up to cone 10. It is comparable to the Paragon kiln with a similar opening width. This is favorable because we would not need to buy a $400.00 furniture kit.

Cubic Feet Opening Depth Lowest Price* P TNF233 5.1 22.5” 22.3”

KM1027-3 6.4 22.4” 27” $2,456.00

Cost Breakdown (Clay King) Kiln Including Delivery - $2,456.00 KMT Touchscreen - $249.00 Rolling Kiln Stand - $345.00 Kiln Link Box - $400.00 Kiln Link Board - $95.00 5 Year Subscription - $325.00

TOTAL - $3,870.00

Ceramics Balance As of May 6, 2019 - $8,996.38 Approx. Balance after Kiln Purchase - $5,125

DMS Ceramics Fire Form Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Type of Firing Bisque - Cone 04 Glaze - Cone 6 Clay Body: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Glazes Used Underglaze Iron Oxide Glazes: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Other Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Any questions? Firing Team: On DMS Talk @Team_Ceramics Fire