Ceramics Committee Meeting 20191106

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November DMS Ceramics Committee Meeting Actionable items

Details of discussions on Ceramics page under meeting notes

Wednesday, 2019.11.06



  • Annette H
  • Clark P
  • Christy K
  • Liam L
  • Kris K
  • Jenny S
  • April B
  • Johnny B
  • Linda M
  • Benda MV
  • Monika T
  • Beth A
  • John G
  • Anita W

1. Committee Chair Elections

Brenda Morlan Villafuerte running for Chair

Beth Appleton running for Chair

Vote for Chair:

-Abstain = 1

-For Brenda = 11

-For Beth = 4

Brenda is elected Committee chair

2. Glazes

Vote on do we need to change the current process:




We will keep the current purchasing process in place.

No other vote taken.

Brenda will pull the invoices and the donated $$ and bring to the next meeting so we can determine surplus or not Brenda will bring financial information to each meeting for committee to see Group agreed they were good with the glaze restock plan to continue as it has been done, no need to vote on a list, restock Amaco and other requests will be looked at when there are surplus funds and vote has occurred