Ceramics Committee Meeting 20200719

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Ceramics monthly meeting. 07/19/2020 13:00

Dial-in info.


Dial-in: (US) +1 478-324-0451 PIN: 857 446 080#


April B, Monika T, Kris Kovas, Christy Kaake, Amanda, Jenny, Anette (virtual), Anita, Johnny, Beth, Steve.


  • April is the new ceramics chair per vote on 20200719.
  • 16 votes for April and 1 vote for Beth
  • Proxy votes received from: Chris Cooper, Amanda Resnick, Fred Gardner, Terry Sikes, Jason Middleton, Shirley Reeves, Marcia (Utopia) W


  • Anita purchased kiln wash and we procured rubber bands for work day. There is kiln wash on the kiln staging shelves and in the Kiln team cabinet that contains the cones
  • Purchased kiln cones.


  • Update on expansion. - Monika will reach out to Rich about the kiln venting and any news on further expansion progress.
  • Ceramics election - April Burk and Beth Appleton are running for chair. April won the ceramic chair election.
  • Slip casting molds - work day.
    • broken molds will be thrown away
    • Molds will be stored temporarily on the shelves across from "in Progress".
    • Please review the molds and cast a vote for keeping or not. We will not be able to keep all of the molds we have. Cards/Notes to cast votes should be attached
    • Beth is willing to sell any of the molds we don't want
  • Donated ceramic pieces - will be placed on top of the cabinets with a sign that says something to the affect of "pick a piece and donate to the Ceramics glaze fund". We will hold the pieces here for 60 days and then toss the remaining items (9/19 toss day)
  • Bisque items - need to clear the plastic overflow shelf, it is johnny's shelf. Team should star the bisque items so we have a date. Before we through them out we will post a message on talk for fols to reach out and let us know arrangements for their piece since many are not comfortable coming in due to Covid.
  • Ware boards - plastic/wood - wooden boards will be cut ~10", work day this coming sunday after noon, April/Steve & Johnny.
  • Boards for shelving 23 1/2 X 47 1/2 -have been completed. The wire shelving has been removed to create more stability. Wire shelves need to be kept just in case we need them for future use.
  • Production vs. Maker - Guidelines - Write down proposal and bring to next ceramics meeting August 5th, 2020. If the group agrees on the proposals presented we can vote the guideline into place at that meeting. If not we will need to push te vote to September meeting.
  • Kiln firing ideas, members to gather information about possible Paragon tour, Conor Muldoon class, or presentation by, or someone like Adam Knocke.
    • Annette has some information to share with the kiln team.
    • Monika will set a meeting for the kiln team - call in more than likely
  • Kiln Maintenance
    • Need to grind the shelves and tops and bottoms of furniture
    • Steve B will work on a few for the team.
    • Need to remove speckled cookies from use. Cookies will need to be made for replacements.
  • Remember to make a cookie for the profile of your piece if is it large or odd shaped. If we don't have a cookie to use it may be delayed in firing
  • ***Please remember to social distance while in Ceramics. There are 4 work tables (1left open for wedging) and 4 pottery wheels. If the area is crowed place your name on the white board waiting list with your number. When the person using the area you need has hit their 3 hour time frame they will call the next in line to let them know its their turn to work***

Adjourned at 13:29