Ceramics Committee Meeting 20201006

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Ceramics monthly meeting. 10/06/2020 18:30


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Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 662-586-1306 PIN: 693 437 969#

Call to order: 18:30


  • Anette H.

• Monika T. • Kris K. • Amanda C. • Beth A. • Olivia • Amy


  • Molds have been separated in keep and dispose of piles.

• Beth and Judy held a DMS sale containing among other things the dispose of molds and collected money for the fellowship kitty. Discussed that Beth would contact the Kiln and I to see if they would like the last of the molds we decided to let go.

  • Curtains were installed to protect the glazed pieces.

• Decided to have the Cone 5 firing be the October specialty firing, Monika T./Christy K. will sponsor/fire in 2-3 weeks. • Specialty firing for November will be Luster, Christy K. is putting up a series of events. • Monika T. and possibly Kris K. are putting up some 100 classes to get new people familiar with the committee area and procedures.


  • Mickey installed the new elements in the Skutt 1027.
  • Working on getting extended kiln link purchased.

• Glazes/cones were purchased for upkeep, request to purchase Silicone ribs.


  • Monthly specialty firings, what is our next event. - Oct. Cone 5, Nov. Luster.

• Clay recycle buckets. Keep or not to keep. - Discussed that Beth would take a crack at it, if too much, will dispose of the rest.

Adjourned at 18:50