Ceramics Committee Meeting 20210105

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Time, location

2021-01-05 18:30, DMS North Lobby class room


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Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 813-370-0709 PIN: 281 177 145#

Committee/SIG Reports


Actionable Agenda

Slip casting table discussion/vote if needed.

(Title of Agenda Item 1)

Sponsor: Name of committee member proposing item

Problem or Opportunity: Briefly describe the problem, opportunity, or other item that requires a committee vote

Solution or Action Plan: Describe how the proposal will be addressed: plan for implementation, responsible parties, milestones

Cost: Enumerate the component costs and total cost, if any

Discussion Agenda

(Discussion Item 1)

Removing the slip cast table (Clark?)

(Discussion Item 2)

Selling clay (April)

(Discussion Item 3)

Ceramics Committee Decorum (Amanda)

(Discussion Item 4)

T shirt slogans (Amanda & for vote in February).

(Discussion Item 5)

Test tiles (Christy Kaake)

(Discussion Item 6)

Special firing requests? Cone 5? Slow Cool? Luster?

(Discussion Item 7)

Grocery list : peeps, 03,04, 05 bisque cones, new plug for skutt, kiln shelves,

(Discussion Item 8)

older items/updates - Kiln link in progress with Skutt.

(Discussion Item 9)

To insure tools are ready for classes, teachers should be responsible for making sure throwing kits and handbuilding kits are in proper order before placing back in teachers cabinet.

(Discussion Item 10)

Upcoming events/meetings Fri. Jan. 15 Slow cool glaze Tues. Feb. 2nd @ 6:30pm in the North Conference Room - next committee meeting Trinity Clay sale Jan. 19-Feb. 5




Minutes are a mandatory work product from the meeting and must only include the outcome of actionable agenda items. Adhering to the format below is strongly recommended.

2021-01-05 [Ceramics] MEETING MINUTES

HH:MM Call to Order

April, Steve, Monika, Amanda, Amy, Olivia, Clark, Jennifer, Utopia, Margaret, Megan, Jason, Kris

Agenda Item 1: Slip Casting Table
  Per Amanda, according to Johnny and other long term members, no vote needed on moving or keeping the table.  It takes up a lot of space, nobody has used it since its arrival. Utopia, Clark, and April think it is good to keep but move to storage for now.  It will free up space for a wedging table ( built by Johnny). Amanda will ask infrastructure on relocating it to storage. Or placing it over in old ceramic area.

Agenda Item 2: Moving 2 Wheels back into new ceramic area
 Mentioned by Clark.  Amanda..concerns of COVID, wait till February to make that decision.

Agenda Item 3:  Selling of Clay
Sell to new members only.  Process of how this will work is still being thought out.  So many options and good ideas.  Charge for classes or donation?  How much clay is being used in each class?  Just 100 classes get to buy clay? Kris...each person in a class should get 5 pounds each, which basically is 1 full bag. Where does money go when bought? Into glaze fund box?  Jason to look into paypal or square terminal. Monika will schedule her 100 classes for February, and charge a fee to see how it goes.  Charging a fee will hopefully insure student show up for classes.

Agenda Item 4:  Ceramic wants and needs   
 Amanda will bring up in February....

Agenda Item 5: T-shirt slogans for fundraiser
Amanda's suggestion..."SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POT DEALER". Clark and April snicker, but think it is awesome
Other members to think up fun sayings for possible fundraiser.

Agenda Item 6: Test Tiles
Christy suggestion...test tiles needed...who can help...Jennifer volunteered!  Need to be bigger test tiles per Steve. 

Agenda Item 7:  Special Firings
January 15th is the slow cool firing
February 19th is a Cone 5 Firing
Monika will talk to Christy Kaake regarding a luster/decal firing in February
Utopia: please post on talk to give other members not at meeting a chance to get projects ready.
Amanda: will also put in on event schedule for members to see

Agenda Item 8: Ceramic Area seems to be getting smaller
Due to woodshop moving (at some point in the future) we will really need to think of all the equipment over in old ceramic area that will be moving over into new ceramic area.  it obviously is not going to fit.  Amanda will talk to Chuck and see if we can use small area next to ceramics.

Agenda 9:  Member Appreciation
THANK YOU to all the kiln team members who have made sure all members projects are getting fired, for taking time out of their days to load and unload, and never complaining or quitting. Y'all rock!! 
THANK YOU to all the teachers who continue to put up all the wonderful classes! Y'all rock too!! 
THANK YOU Monika for always buying our glazes!!! Thank you for taking the trip down to Trinity and having to go down 35E.  You da best!!
THANK YOU to Johnny for building the wedging table!!! And for always going the extra mile and making other equipment for our area.  You da best also!!
THANK YOU Julie for helping teachers get the spot cancelled in class back to normal so other members can sign up.  Hopefully the calendar can get fixed so you won't have to do that.  You da best as well!!

Agenda 10: Fixing canvas and glaze rack
Steve and April will stretch the canvas back to taut.  And will fix the glaze shelf so it does not fall off the wall.

Agenda 11:  Extras
Kiln link is set up and running.  Paid subscription to see what the skutt kiln firings are up to and see their results. 
Purchases: sponges, handbuilding box items, cones, prizes for clean ups, diamond grinding discs.



Meeting notes are optional but greatly appreciated by those unable to attend as well as in the future so as not to have to repeat or re-learn the past.


Agenda Item 1 Notes

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Action Items

Table for tracking actions from the Actionable or Discussion Agenda, to be maintained as actions are completed

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