Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220104

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220104 Time, location

2022-01-04 18:30, DMS North Lobby class room

Ceramics monthly meeting. 01/04 18:3/20210 Call in Or open Meet and enter this code: cpk-mzbp-yqd

Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 813-370-0709

Call to order: 18:30


Monika T, Bri G, Christy C, April and Steve B, Julie H, Beth A, Amanda D


Item 1: Slow cool firing

Steve would like a slow cool firing. Discussion about providing folks with information on what a slow cool is, what glazes will be affected and unaffected, etc... We will purchase 3-4 slow cool glazes for a class on slow cool. This will help ensure that we will have enough pieces to load a kiln. Steve and April will work on information and setting up an event/class

Item 2: Cone 5

April has purchased cone 5 clay and would like to schedule a cone 5 firing in the near future for her pieces and others. Also discussed that we need to communicate the date and get people interested so that we can fill a kiln. April will work on that and we will set a date in February March

Item 3: Classes with Covid on the rise?

Bri is concerned about the rising numbers and will pull back on any teaching. Leaving it up to each individual to make that determination for themselves.

Item 4: Cleaning Event with Covid on the rise?

We will not hold the cleaning event but post a list of items to clean on the cabinets. Each of us can remind folks about the list and have them participate. We need to get everyone involved. Bri will post the list.

Item 5: Chris C - Macro class

Information is available on how to prepare a piece for Macro. Chris C will provide information to any of the participants who need it. We will schedule the firing sometime in February

Item 6: April - Enforcing Cookie Guidelines

Discussion on making sure that we/kiln team is consistent with the cookie guidelines; i.e. if glazed past 1/4 from the bottom it should not be fired on a DMS cookie, needs its own. Kiln team will discuss the guidelines at the Sunday meeting to make sure that we are all consistent in how we fire.

Item 7: Item 8: Item 9: Item 10: Item 11: Item 12: Item 13:

Meeting Adjourned at 7 pm