Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220201

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 2022-02-01 18:30, DMS North Lobby class room

Call to order: 18:30

Present: Bri, Monika, Christy C, Kendra, Liv, Anette, Brandon


Item 1: Axner Shelf Update

Shelf has been purchased for the 1222. Will update the group when it arrives and test is started

Item 2: Glaze Update

Purchased glazes available from Dick Blick, items that were available or at least would be by first week in March.

Amaco has pushed their opening back to June and Trinity has not received any new shipments.

Monika will continue to stock what she can find available.

Item 3: Slip Molds

Amber donated a few slip molds that would be good for classes to the space; Monika picked up and put on the shelves for use

Bri is also going to look at some available molds for potential use at DMS

Bri will work on creating a google doc for inventory of the molds

Slip is available for class use only

Item 4: 1/4 cookie policy clarification

Group discussion and agreement that if a piece is glazed below a 1/4 towards the bottom but it is accompanied by a note as to what the glaze is and ok to fire, then the kiln team can make a final determination as to firing or not. If they agree with the potter that the glaze will not run, they can fire on DMS cookie, if not place the item on needs attention with the reason.

Monika will update the notes on the wiki and in firing guidelines. Need signage for the space as well.

Item 5: Slow Cool

No additional activity seen by any of the members on the post.

Item 6: Vote on changing the opening of the kiln guidelines to 125 degrees or below

5 vote yes, 2 abstain.

Kiln team Vote on 1/9 was 9 to one in agreement to change the guidelines.

Monika will change the firing guideline information. It is also noted that kiln team members may make their own choice to open the kiln or not based on their comfort level of handling the pieces at the 125 or below.

Christy C stated she spoke with Skutt and reviewed their guidelines, and they use a 125 degree or lower opening temperature

Item 7: Discussion on guests at DMS

Ok to bring guests to the space to show them around once or twice in the hopes they will become members.

Guests are not allowed to use space tools at any time

Class for non-members is the only time it is ok for them to utilize space tools. Teachers are responsible for all non-members in the space

Item 8: Broken items

It is a cost of doing business and members are not responsible for replacing the items broken in use or by accident. Blatant destruction of tools is a different matter.

Item 9:

Item 10:

Item 11:

Item 12:

Item 13:

Meeting Adjourned at (don't remember)