Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220405

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220405

2022-04-05 6:30 PM, DMS North Lobby class room

Ceramics monthly meeting. 04/05 Call in Or open Meet and enter this code: cpk-mzbp-yqd

Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 813-370-0709

Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Christy C, April B, Steve B, Anette H, John F, Brenda S, Kendra


Item 1: 1222 Elements Elements are on order with Trinity and Mickey is aware of needed repair. Elements will take up to 3 weeks to arrive. As soon as they are in will schedule repairs. If need be we can pull the 1222 out of rotation and use the Paragon. Steve will look at replacing the thermocouple in the Paragon. There is an extra in the cabinet

Item 2: Glaze Many of the glazes we need are on back order. Monika has order what is available. Remind folks to pay for their glazes, the prices are increasing a few dollars a bottle.

Item 3: Giffin Grip Someone took apart the Giffin Grip and an O ring is missing. Christy C has ordered O rings for replacement.

Item 4: Slow Cool Specialty Firing Steve and April will decide if they want to have a dip glaze or Coyote glazes for the Slow cool event. An event for glazing will be put up on the calendar and once decided if the glaze will be dip or brush on, Monika will order.

Item 5: Luster Specialty Firing Christy K will put together a few classes for decal and luster firing. We will plan on a firing towards the end of May

Item 6: Vote for Committee Chair Unanimous Vote for Monika

Item 7: Kiln Moves May meeting will focus on Kiln move and reorganization of the space. Kendra will work with Freddy to determine footprint of additional space available for Ceramics use. Once footprint is determined, Committee can discuss and vote on ideas for reorganization and move. All Committe members should bring ideas for discussion to the meeting.

Item 8: Axner Shelf Kiln team will put the Axner shelf into production in the 1222. Notes posted to remember to unplug the kiln before loading or unloading, shelf cannot touch any elements that are not contained in the firebrick appropriately.

Item 9: Christy C will look at a dip glazing event for the next Clay and Coffee

Item 10:

Item 11:

Item 12:

Item 13:

Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 PM