Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220510

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220405

2022-05-10 6:30 PM, DMS North Lobby class room

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Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Monika, Kendra, Annette, Freddy C, John F


Item 1: Thank you Kendra for taking on the Vice Chair role

Item 2: Additional space and ideas for reorganization of our current space to make room to move the kilns.

  • Vents are completed and should be operational
  • John F will move the vent from the right side to the far left so we can use the wall for kiln furniture shelving.
  • We will need to confirm the required distance from the panel that runs the vents and ensure that any kiln placed there is run the required distance away.
  • Kendra and Monika will create a more legible floor plan for presentation to the board next week, if timing works.
  • Group conducted an official vote for requesting more space from the board for the kiln move. 3 votes for yes and 2 abstains. Vote passes.

Item 3: Ceramics Budget and new cabinets/shelving needs for reorganization

  • Monika has reached out to Finance to validate the glaze funds; awaiting reply

Item 4: Axner shelf

  • Will hold off on any additional shelves until we complete our move and repair kilns.

Item 5: Better Signage for the sink, in progress shelves (labels, bats max of 2 weeks, only greenware, tape usage)

  • Freddy has purchased an alarm that will sound if GFCI is tripped. This will help folks know if the GFCI is the issue.
  • Monika will work on signage

Item 6: Star system (marking 30 days)

  • Kendra suggested writing the date on each piece as a way of identifying when it was put on the shelf or creating sections on the shelves that are dated.
  • Annette suggested a certain colored star for the month, items with that color are removed 30 days after that month ends.
  • We will try the colored star for the month to see if that will begin to get things moved off shelves faster.

Item 7: Clay and Coffee set for 5/29 - it will be a dip event

Item 8: Kiln elements still on order

  • Suggest we order 1027 as well to have on hand for when needed, there is up to a 3 month backlog for elements
  • Group agreed with ordering

Item 9: Establishing a Committee cleaning day, Kiln furniture maintenance day, or?

  • Monika will put a Cleaning day and a kiln furniture maintenance day on the calendar for June

Item 10:

Item 11:

Item 12:

Item 13:

Meeting Adjourned approx. 7:00PM