Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220607

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220607

2022-06-07 6:30 PM, DMS North Lobby class room

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Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Monika, Kendra, Annette, Jamie R, Sonya, Liam, Chris C, Linda C, Mou Mou Di, Site Li, John F, Laura S, Anna N


Item 1: Glaze Funds: Between PayPal and cash we have taken in $702 from January to May, average of $144 per month. Please remind folks to contribute to glaze funds when using Based on Budget of $1800 (to July) plus $702 = $2502 - $1280 spent (until May) = $1222 to spend on move and other items (May expenses)

Item 2: Maintenance Day set for June 12 We will use the maintenance day to move the cabinets out of current space to new area, prep slip cast racks and move them, and move kilns and staging shelves. Move wheels to 3 by 3 side by side Once completed we can determine what is next for area reorganization. July meeting will be to discuss ideas brought to the committee meeting and finalize next reorg steps Monika will post signage to let folks know to stop staging greenware and move items off shelving needed for move day

Item 3: Purchases Shelving and cabinet purchase for class clay for reorg needs Cabinet for class clay was approved in past committee meetings, never purchased. We will purchase a locking cabinet for sure Will determine shelving needs with next month's meeting and reorg discussion

Item 4: Signage Signage discussion Too many signs makes the space uninviting however we need to post signage because some members do not read meeting minutes or talk New signage for In Progress passed around for comments and then posting Chris C will work on a "pink slip" to warn folks of the pending date expiration for bat storage or in progress storage.

Discussed extruder needs with John F - He will work with necessary groups to alter the extruder and get it mounted to the shelving unit.

Meeting Adjourned approx. 7:30PM

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