Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220705

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220705

2022-07-05 6:30 PM, DMS North Lobby class room

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Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Monika, Jamie R, Liam, Linda C, Rebecca S, Sherry L, April B, Steve B, Amy R, Tracy, Christy K


Item 1: Set up and/or changes

Discussed the need for lighting in the area like Machine shop or Jewlery. Monika will look into it. Unanimous vote

Table moved by slab roller will need to move back to be by the wheels, it is utilized by members.

Liam feels the wheels are too close for teaching purposes and would like to separate them a bit more.

9 of 11 agreed to move the glazes to under the cabinets along with bats sponges etc. We need to determine where the current tables will be located (maybe on the wall once glazes are moved, or on the other side of slab wheel by Jewlery. Once we have a solution for glaze display we will decide on the table relocation

Teacher's clay cabinet voted on in September of 2020 to be purchased, agreed to $500 or less. Monika will follow up.

Liam asked that we move the in progress shelves, by kilns, to be kiln related and purchase another in progress shelf for the space. Asked him to please bring a potential layout change to the group for discussion since there was concern about closing the space off from other areas, where the work tables under the cabinets will go, etc...

Monika will purchase MDF board to be used for Ceramics purposes on the new tables.

Sink extension to be looked at for Ceramic purposes

Discussion of purchasing of a TV for informational purposes in the space. Will be on a proposal once we have the layout finalized.

Item 2: Teaching Classes

Can teach up to 6 classes a month for honorarium

Discussed teachers canceling class if less than 3 students show up. Place information in the warning section of the class info and cancel if you would like to.

Also discussed charging $20-$30 pre class so that folks are less likely to cancel. Teachers have that option if they choose. Reminded folks that if they are charging for their teaching time no honorarium should be listed. Charging for supplies can still request honorarium

Item 3: Two Ceramic workshops available for classes

Ceramics Main - area by wheels and slab roller

Ceramics & Jewlery Flex worktables by the molds and cabinets can be used for glazing, slip casting, dip events, etc...

Please do not book either of these for Ceramics 100 - Orientation so that they can be used for "making classes". Book a room of the north lobby flex area if possible and then walk to Ceramics when appropriate.

Item 4: Signage

Liam created a warning card, yellow paper stock, to be used for in progress shelf items. Name and Date, on Bat too long, getting close to 30 days, etc...

Monika will get signage agreed to at last meeting up

Item 5: Doll Head molds

Several have been put on the slip mold shelf the others are free to members. Monika will post a message on talk and label the cart. We will toss remaining on 7/16

Liam would like a 010 firing the week of 7/24 to prep pieces for his sager firing class end of the month.

Meeting Adjourned approx. 7:30PM

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