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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20220906

2022-10-04 6:30 PM, DMS North Lobby class room

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Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Monika, Sherry, Liv, Sonya, Beth, John F, Anette H, Amy R


Item 1: Updates

Lights - I am working with Justin for the right plugs and hanging the remaining lights for our area

Tool Cabinet - Sonya completed the cabinet with the hnadbuilding tools. She will send a note on Talk to let folks know where the items are located. We also added the slip casting tools to the cabinet

Glaze Rack solution - April B said she would work with Burt and the multicam. Will follow up this month.

Dip Glazes - Anna will hold a dip class in November. We will order 2 gallons of Clear. Asked the group if we also wanted a white liner glaze - consensus was NO

Item 2: Kiln Team Guidelines

Reminder that we do not fire a glaze in the 1027. Monika will remind the kiln team to read rules and follow guidelines.

Item 3: Issues in the space = Signage and BOD follow up

Signage was put up because there was a situation where a member was picking up other folks pieces regardless of the signs. There are those that believe our signs are not inviting for new members so we need to decide if we want them up or not. We also need to temper how we address issues and remember that this is a community workspace. If you have mentioned to a member a guideline for our space and they are not changing their behaviors you need to raise that to the chair or vice chair to be addressed. it is important that we communicate effectively and with care regardless of how frustrated we may be. Also talked about the fact the tours are told that each space has guidelines that need to be followed.

We can remind folks of our guidelines and or refer the issue to the chair/vice chair to be addressed

Monika is working with the board regarding the broken item and the missing bracelet. She will follow up this coming week.

Item 4: Vote to charge fee for classes

Group agreed that we will start charging $5.00 for classes that utilize class clay. We will continue to use the typical amount of clay for those classes.


Item 5: Vote - Spray Booth

Sonya discussed the booth she used and provided the group with the 2 options. The booth she used was connected to a venting system and had a compressed air line near it. We discussed these options as well as the smaller version of the booth. Also talked about one that we could roll outside so venting would not be required.

Sonya will put the proposal together for next months meeting. We need costs, footprint and installation requirements, and details to be presented for a vote. No vote held this meeting.

Item 6: New Business

Clay and Cake set for 10/18 at 6:30pm - Join us

John F would like to sponsor another meet like this in November. - Monika will set up a date and took exchange for the next one. Monika to work with John F for funds to sponsor this one.

Request for additional camera views into the Ceramics Area. It is possible that with the infrastructure we need for the lights, we might be able to add cameras. Monika will follow up

Classes are being approved much faster. We need to let folks know that items could hit the calendar earlier than the 48-72 hours.

Item 7:

Meeting Adjourned approx. 7:25PM

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