Ceramics Committee Meeting 20230103

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Ceramics Committee Meeting 20230103

2023-01-03 6:30 PM, DMS Interactive Class Room

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Call to order: 6:30PM

Present: Anna N, Steve B, Jamie R, Monika T, Sherry, Christine, Amber, Amy R


Item 1: Cookie Kiln Maintenance Day

Set for 1/21 at 1:00PM. Steve will check angle grinder and try to get large chunks of glass off the shelves before that day.

Item 2: Ware Boards

We agreed that we will use MDF 1/2" thick. Monika will pick up as many as will meet $200 guideline.

Item 3:

Item 4:

Item 5: Item 6:

Item 7:

Item 8 :

Item 9:

Item 10: New Business/Open items

Meeting Adjourned approx. 7:05PM

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