Ceramics Committee Meeting 4-6-21

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Time, location

2021-04-06 18:30, DMS North Lobby class room

Ceramics monthly meeting. 04/06/2021 18:30 Call in Or open Meet and enter this code: cpk-mzbp-yqd

Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 813-370-0709 P

Call to order: 18:30











Ken..visiting the makerspace



Item 1: T-shirts-Amanda

Item 2: Track Lighting-Amanda

Item 3: Special firings

Item 4: Praise for Potters-April

Item 5: Grocery List-Amanda

Item 6: Recycled clay update-Beth

Item 7: Upcoming events/meetings-Amanda

Item 8:

Item 9:

Item 10:

Item 11:

Item 12:

Item 13:

(Discussion Item 1)

T-shirts are in process of getting printed by Liz Withers. Tracy has also stepped up and offered printing them on DMS equipment

(Discussion Item 2)

Tracking lighting is pending.

(Discussion Item 3)

Choice is Luster and Decal firing again. May 7th?

(Discussion Item 4)

Thank you to:

Members who put up the shelving.

Members who moved the slip cast mold shelving over

Members who step up and offer helping others

Soon to be member, Ken, who decided to come to our meeting

And as always, a huge THANK YOU!! to all who run the kilns and teach classes

(Discussion Item 5)

Textured rollers requested by Olivia

Metal ribs

(Discussion Item 6)

Beth is requesting starting a team to recycle reclaimed clay

(Beth)..My proposal:

We’ll start a Team to recycle the clay. This will an open team, as we shouldn’t really need much training, and things can be easily corrected if someone doesn’t follow guidelines.

What I really want to do is have a preliminary meeting of interested team members. At that point we’ll hash out some of the operating guidelines. In line with previous discussions, we’ll be working in closed buckets.

I would like to continue using a space in the air-tight Free Clay bin. This helps keep the recycled clay from drying too quickly while it’s still in the recycling process. Once the clay has hit a good moisture content and good consistency, it will be placed in the Free Clay tub for general use. Otherwise, we’d need to buy a new air-tight tub, and find a place to store it.

For anyone who wants to help, contact Beth

Concerns by Amanda: In the past buckets have not been cleaned. Willing to test group and see how it goes

Going forward no overflowing, lids are needed. Submit a plan to Amanda

April has said she will help.

(Discussion Item 7)

April 11--Deep Clean Ceramics April 21--Kiln Conversations with Conor of Trinity Ceramics May 4---Ceramics Committee Meeting

Meeting adjorned at 7:30