Ceramics Committee Meeting 5-4-21

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Time, location

2021-05-04 18:30, DMS North Lobby class room

Ceramics monthly meeting. 05/04/2021 18:30 Call in Or open Meet and enter this code: cpk-mzbp-yqd

Dial in (audio only): (US) +1 813-370-0709 P

Call to order: 18:30











New rollers came in


Item 1: T shirt update--Amanda

Item 2: Shelving issue--April

Item 3: Special Firings--Amanda

Item 4: Dip Glaze--Michael

Item 5: Praise and Thank you to members

Item 6: Grocery List

Item 7: Smokeless Raku--Liam

Item 8: Clay recycling--Beth/April/Anette

Item 9: Election of chair

Item 10:

Item 11:

Item 12:

Item 13:

(Discussion Item 1)

Liz and Amanda working on designs for the t-shirts

(Discussion Item 2)

In progress shelf needs to be protected from water spraying from jewelry/lapidary equipment. Solutions: sealed plywood on the back, or move shelf to different location.

(Discussion Item 3)

June: Interest in slow cool: Test by kiln team on 6-18, committee firing 6-25, Crystalline firing testing in June, and actual firing sometime in July

(Discussion Item 4)

Michael to buy ingredients for mixing of a clear and white glaze to be used for class use only. Other things needed...dipping tongs, mason stains and oxides, buckets.

(Discussion Item 5)

Thank you to Monika for always stepping up and doing so much for ceramics...Teaching, touring, cleaning, shopping.... :)

(Discussion Item 6)

brushes, pint of black underglaze, mops and buckets. MKM tools?

(Discussion Item 7)

Smokeless Raku hopefully. Only horsehair and feathers. Board of Director approval??

(Discussion Item 8)

Beth, April and Anette will divide up the clay and keep the recycling in check. Buckets will be labeled and monitored daily.

(Discussion Item 9)

Amanda voted chair again!!!! Congratulations Amanda!!!!!!!!

(Discussion Item 10)

(Discussion Item 11)

(Discussion Item 12)

(Discussion Item 13)

Meeting Adjourned at 18:00