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Existing Classes

  • CNC Laser
  • Oxy-acc welding basics
  • 3D creating and animation with Blender
  • Blacksmith
  • Embedded Electronics (Starting with the Arduino)


Basic programming

Advanced Programming

Potential Classes


  • Intro to Ansible
  • Intro to Docker Swarm Clusters
  • Basics of USB reverse engineering
  • Basic App development for Android & iOS
  • Ubuntu Desktop/Netbook for beginners
  • Nagios monitoring system
  • Using MediaWiki (the software we use for the wiki)
  • PHP programming
  • Perl programming
  • elementary MySQL
  • Current Topics in Operating System Research
  • Monitor/Control with iPhone/iPad
  • Reverse Engineering Network Protocols w/ WireShark
    • Door Reader


    • Oil coloring BW fibre base photographs.
    • Ilfochrome Type "R" color photographic printing (would need to review and work in this medium for myself first since it's been awhile).
    • Photoshop retouching and restoration techniques (especially using adjustment layers and layer masking) and selective coloring of BW photos.
    • Gallery matting of photos/artwork.
    • Gum bichromate, Van Dyke and cyanotype printing (would want to review and work in these mediums for a bit since it's been awhile).


  • CNC Machine Design
  • CNC Machines (LASER, plasma, router)


  • Welding
    • MIG Welding


  • TPMS talk from DefCon (or you can just watch it online)


  • Build an R2D2


  • SMT Soldering

Wanted Classes

  • Microcontrollers
  • RF w/ Microcontrollers (&Arduino)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Vision
  • Metalwork
  • Fabrication
    • Molding
  • RF Related
    • Antenna
    • Zigbee
      • Xbee
  • processing color prints
  • woodworking
  • brass etching
  • soldering
  • Arduino Programing
  • Building a Secure Virtual Penetration Testing Environment
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence in a Virtual World
  • How to use an Oscilloscope
  • Using a CupcakeCNC/Makerbot (Hands-on or Demo)
  • Intro to Home Automation on the Mac using Indigo
  • Intro to Insteon Home Automation devices
  • Showcase - Measure Me : My personal journey to measure as many aspects of my life as possible
  • Picture Frames
  • leatherwork
  • calligraphy and/or font design
  • sewing (esp. leather & ripstop nylon)
  • book binding
  • screen printing
  • DIY Bio - extract your own DNA from cheek swab and other things (depending on tools available)
  • Basic chemistry

Wanted Workshops

  • Root and Android
  • Digital Photography
  • PCB Etching