Classroom Committee Meeting 20170620

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Classroom Committee Meeting

June 20, 2017

Convene 8:20 PM


Bill Gee


Bill Gee


  • Bill Gee
  • Adam Oas
  • Alex Rhodes
  • David Kessinger
  • Nick Sainz
  • Cairenn Day
  • Luke Strickland


Classroom Monitor Acquisition

The owner of the television in the Conference Room took it back.

Our original plan was to acquire a large set for the Interactive Classroom, move one of the 60" sets to the Purple Classroom and move that 50" set to the Conference Room.

But the price of large sets remained stubbornly high. So the plan was revised to buy a 65" set for the Purple Classroom and move the existing 50" set to the Conference Room.

At the last member meeting, some of the directors said they were willing to allocate money for large sets. So we went back to the original plan to purchase one or two large sets for the Interactive Classroom. Nick did a quick search and thought he found an outstanding deal on an 82" set. We began to jump on it, then discovered that it was only 50".

Bill will look at the current prices and request funding from the Board of Directors.

Private Events in the Classrooms

We discussed the recent reservation of three classrooms for a private event on October 7. Adam said that the PR Committee has chosen that date for the annual Open House. They are coordinating with external groups so we cannot easily move to another day.

After a long discussion, Bill said he would try to work out a solution with Patrick.

We will come up with some fair and enforceable rules for private events going forward.

Adjoin 9:20 PM