Classroom Meeting Minutes 20181007

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Classroom Committee

Attendance: john a. gorman Catherine Lugo Cairenn Day

Topics: 1. Review of last month: Thank you: Dave - Inventory Dick and Nate: Repaired many, many tables and chairs.

2. Expansion: Storage Closet lost? Discussed need.

3. Renaming Classroom to Education to reflect priorities and mission. Serve as a contact. This was also agreed upon last month, but the BOD Agenda was very full.

4. P&L. $2,380. As of 10/7.

- Honorariums 8/1 to 10/7.  from Beth A., Lance P., and Adnan E C.. Thank you!
- Expenses: cables, adapters, books.
X Errors still on books.
    a. 2x charge for floor supplies.
    b. Tax on flooring
    c. Button machines for CA

5. Cleaning Chairs - need to rent a steam wand. Team to clean.

6. Library: depending on space after expansion. How to automate a check-in check out process. RFID? Problem is it becomes a development project.

7. To Do: Monitors for new classrooms. Determine best systems and submit requests for funds. Projectors may cost about the same as monitors. Need to compare.