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Maker-Specific COEXIST artwork

Here is the maker-specific Coexist artwork, with links to three versions.

COEXIST artwork

Media:coexist_1600px.jpg - 1600pixel x 400 pixel black & white jpg

Media:coexist_3200px.jpg - 3200pixel x 800 pixel black & white jpg

Media:coexist-cut.svg - SVG vector file to cut laser or stencil outlines. Artwork slightly modified to enable cutting.

There are a few conditions for its use:

(1) DMS members can use this artwork for their own personal use, but you may not sell anything that results from its use.

(2) Please do not repost it outside of Dallas Makerspace.

(3) The DMS organization can sell anything that uses this artwork as long as the sales are to benefit DMS (e.g., fund-raising T-shirts, etc.)