Coffee Vending Machine

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Coffee Machine

Click Here To View The Coffee Machine Manual

Lessons Learned

  • Problem:Can't find "MasterMenu" mentioned in the manual.
    • Open the door and push on the keypad from the front to reveal the master menu.
  • Problem: Weak flow and the door opening too soon
    • Coffee beans stuck in the nozzle.
  • Problem: Coffee not being ground
    • Check circuit breaker behind the grinder.
  • Problem: Not dispensing the correct amount of powder.
    • Press F2 while on the step while you're editing a recipe to adjust how long the auger motor runs.
  • Problem: Can't figure out how to edit recipe for small cup.
    • "Gram throws" in the recipe are for the large cup and are adjusted automatically for the small cup.

Editing Recipes

This is mentioned in detail in page 50 of the manual.


Cheapest place to buy cups seems to be Ebay. It's possible to get 1000 cups for about $35.