Competitive Robotics Committee

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This committee has been marked as inactive.
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The Competitive Robotics Committee:

  • The purpose of the Competitive Robotics Committee is to organize robotics competitions at the Makerspace, to educate the membership about robotics, and to compete in regional, national, and international robotics competitions.

Approved by the Board here:


  • Organize robotics competitions at the Makerspace
  • Educate the membership about robotics
  • Compete in regional, national, and international robotics competitions


  • Michael Smith
  • Morgan Thomas
  • Frank Lima (Chairperson)
  • Julio Nieto
  • Darcy Neal
  • Mitch Cerroni
  • Phil Luetchford
  • Brian Luetchford
  • Krissy Heishman
  • Patrick Thompson

How to Join