Computer Committee Meeting 20200129

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Calendar Info


Scheduled Time

19:00 - 20:30


North Lobby Classroom

Prior Minutes

Hackerspace Meeting 20191230


Title: Approve prior minutes.

Author: Rafael Rincon

Summary: Approve the minutes for the most recent meeting.

Title: Acquire Committee storage drawers to be racked in Racky McRackface.

Author: Dwight Spencer (@denzuko)

Summary: Committee items are stilled boxed up and now itterling all over display shelves. This is harmful to the committee. The server rack was acquired to store committee tools, equipment, and projects. To finish this we would need to purchase or compensate @denzuko for the following items:

Denzuko can volunteer to order 3 units on behalf of the committee given there is a receipt for the donation and reimbursement for the purchase. Denzuko also volunteers to pull cable for the rack, clean displays (dust, wash, etc), and orignize equipment upon unit delivery.

Total Budget: $206.80 Reimbursements annualized: $17.24 Returns gained:

  - Additional committee storage
  - Addressed Board concerns over committee area
  - Improved workspace within committee area

Title: Replace destroyed wall mount cables for interactive displays

Author: Dwight Spencer (@denzuko)

Summary: The wall mounted cable for the display next to the main hall entrance has become destroyed. It is the committee's and chair's duty to keep equipment in operating condition. We need to reorder the cable which costs $7.99. The item is found at and can be included in the order above with overnight shipping.

Total Budget: $7.99 Returns gained:

  - Restores a $100 tool used to communicate committee agenda items, events, and operates as a control panel.

Title: Cable management is appalling

Author: Dwight Spencer (@denzuko)

Summary: The current cable management is a mixed bag. No budget item is being presented but a solution should be crafted. Holding this agenda item to resolve the issue before its a rats nest.

Other Topics



The meeting did not happen. Raffi was the only person present. After waiting about 15 minutes, Raffi posted on Talk and Discord that anyone who wanted to attend the meeting should contact him.

Raffi will schedule meetings further in advance to avoid this situation.