Computer Committee Meeting 20200325

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DMS Calendar

Time, Location

19:00 - 20:00, North Lobby Classroom

Prior Minutes


Consent Agenda

Title: Approve prior minutes.

Author: Rafael Rincon

Summary: Approve the minutes for the most recent meeting.

Non-Consent Agenda


James Henningson

Thomas Stilwell

Ben Bangerter

Raffi Rincón


Meeting starts at 1911 March 25 2020

Raffi Motions to approve Prior Minutes. Ben seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Non-Consent Agenda:

James' Proposal:

Virtual Hackathon, challenge: Build a skill for Google Assistant using Dialog Flow

Action Items:

James to give talk/tutorial on Tuesday at the net DMS Coder Night, Raffi to remind him and organize the DMS Coder Night.

Raffi motions to adjourn the meeting. Ben Seconds. Passes unanimously