Creative Arts Committee Meeting 20200121

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Calendar Event

[January Creative Arts Committee Meeting]

Talk Thread

[CA Thread for January Meeting


In Person:

  • Judy Kriehn
  • Laurie Ruggles
  • Shay Galland
  • Laura Brashear
  • Cindy Holkan
  • Linday Wynne
  • Marilyn Edobor
  • Robert Hines
  • Laura Gonzalez


Follow ups:
Doug Emes – New computers approved in the December meeting will be on put on order with the new 3D Fab computers.
Uline Order approved in December Meeting still needs to be placed – Laura is waiting for her PCard to arrive.
We need to schedule another work day and coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator to finish up some projects such as replacing the door frames (need to be trimmed approx. ¼”), putting up the shelves and designing and getting the new bowling table project moving.
Sig Updates:
Fiber – No New Updates
Sewing –
1.	We need to try to get rid of the donated fabric to empty out the teaching cabinet.
2.	Sig Meeting will be scheduled soon
3.	We need to get rid of the excess sewing machines
Resin –
1.	Vacuum Pumps seem to not be working, we need to try to fix or replace.
2.	We would like to order some molds and different types of resin to start getting classes back on the schedule.
Cosplay – No updates from Max but someone is interested in taking over leadership of the SIG.
Leather –
1.	The infamous table didn’t make it to the dumpster need help to break it down for next dumpster day. 
2.	The table really needs to go.  John hates the table…really, really, really hates that table.
3.	Classes are coming up on the calendar soon.
**Need to place order of previously approved leather sides.**
Dye Sub – No new updates
Need to order magenta & yellow ink and heat tape.  Up to $350 Approved
9 – For
0 – Against
0 - Abstain
Wide Format Printer – No Current Updates
1.	Sig Meeting to be held 1/25/20 will need updates in next committee meeting
AD Lists will be separated by Basic and Advanced tools with all teachers having permissions to sign off on basic tools and CA Leadership signing off on Advanced tools.
Need to get infrastructure involved as the Square terminal still isn’t working.
Airbrush Compressors need to be replaced. Up to $350 Approved.
9 - For
0 – Against
0 - Abstain

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