Creative Arts Committee Meeting 20200217

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In Person:

  • Laura Gonzalez
  • Laurie Ruggles*
  • Linda Wynn
  • Mike Collier
  • Marcia Winer
  • April Burk
  • Astrud Aguirre
  • Paul Wilson
  • Brendan Crocker
  • Robert Hines
  • Steve Wynne
  • Doug Eames
  • Jeannie Harwell
  • Joshua Henningson

Voting Via Proxy*

  • Judy Kriehn

Ongoing Action Items:

  • Uline Order approved in December Meeting still needs to be placed
    • PCard has arrived
    • Just need to get the list together
  • We need to schedule another work day and coordinate with Volunteer Coordinator to finish up some projects:
    • Re-installing the door frames (need approx. ¼” trimmed from bottom of metal)
    • Putting up the shelves
    • Working on design to get the "Bowling Table v.2" project moving.
  • Square is up & running
  • Still awaiting delivery/installation of replacement computer systems

Agenda Items (votes):

Item 1: Purchase Dustbuster for sewing room - not to exceed $45.00
Yes - 11, No - 0, Abstain - 1
Item 2: Designate funds not to exceed $400 for service/maintenance on sewing machines
Yes - 11, No - 0, Abstain - 1
Item 3: Approve purchase of new Mug Heat Press for $699 at upcoming NBM trade show (promotional pricing)
Yes - 15, No - 0, Abstain - 0
Item 4: Approve purchase of new wide-format printer with inks and backup print head in the amount up to $4500.00
Yes - 14, No - 0, Abstain - 0

Sig Updates:


  • Serger Classes coming 2/29 101, 102 and Tote Bags
  • Two items requiring vote - noted above


  • Need to pick up previously approved purchases (This is now completed)
  • Table still needs to be broken into a gazillion pieces and transferred to the dumpster. Steve Wynn offered to help John ensure it happens on the next dumpster day.

Dye Sub:

Item requiring "re-vote" due to hazy notes on previous months noted above


  • Has been adopted by 3D Fab Committee
  • All equipment has been packed up and moved to the 3D Fab area.

Wide Format Printing:

  • Sig voted to replace the current wide format printer that we are unable to get up and running.
    • After looking at several models the choice was made to go with the HP DesignJet.
    • Printer is $3245 and $1000 for ink
  • CA committee vote is noted above


  • Project/Class is coming soon for the big loom!!
    • A List of supplies will be forthcoming
    • Plan is that leftover supplies can be used for future classes as well.


  • Sig meeting coming soon.
  • Need to schedule more classes - recent pressure pot class had 20 people signed up
  • Need to order supplies

Other CA News

  • We have a new vinyl cutter!
    • Huge Thanks to @mreynolds for putting it together.
    • Need new computers installed and appropriate software installed.