Creative Arts Committee Meeting 20200721

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In Person:

  • Laura Gonzalez
  • Robert Hines
  • Judy Kriehn
  • Debra Bunge

Via Google Meet*

  • Cary Fleming
  • Lara Rosenblith

Agenda Items:

Elect New Chair

Judy Kriehn begrudgingly agreed to run for committee chair.

Nominated by Robert Hines, seconded by Laura Gonzales

For - 6. Against - 0. Abstain - 0


Sewing SIG (reported in person by Judy Kriehn)

  • The Babylocks, the Pfaff and the Viking have all been serviced. The repairman felt that the problem with the Consew machine is that the wrong size needle in installed, and we couldn't locate any that were the correct size available to test that theory. But, SIG may prefer to investigate whether the member who offered to donate a Juki industrial machine is still willing to do so, and if so, send the Consew packing
  • The Janome Magnolias, which were removed from inventory a year ago, were packed up with whatever accessories Judy could find that went with each, then tagged for auction disposal (per James Henningson) and delivered to the collection of decommissioned equipment in the north warehouse that Rich is planning to consign to an online auction company.
  • With the Leatherworking committee support, a removable bed (tabletop) has been acquired for THOR the leather machine. That accessory was on the wishlist compiled by @hangcowdog, Mike Churchill and @coloneldan prior to the leather sale they coordinated with donated upholstery leather. YAY!

Leatherworking SIG (reported via email from John Norine)

  • Thanks to Mike Churchill’s sale, we were able to acquire a removable bed for the Thor sewing machine (with the consultation of Judy K) - it should come in useful rather quickly and get the “fear factor” around just using the cylinder arm out of the picture.
  • We also acquired a Weaver Leather Master Tools Power Edge Slicker. It currently lives on a cart in the sewing area, and we’re looking for a more permanent home for it.
  • Mike and Dan donated some of the upholstery leather from the sale. Between this and the materials we purchased right before the shutdown, we are in really good shape.
  • Jorge Soto took care of the largest albatross for the committee - the mis-struck tombstones from the table that both the SIG and CA committee had voted to dispose of last fall.

John also reported that he is seriously considering stepping back from SIG leadership. He is a little burned out on the politics of the space and the table, and with COVID levels as they currently are, I’m not sure how safe I feel in the building. Maybe a month from now will see a decrease in numbers.

Fiberarts SIG

  • Jeanne Harwell's husband has several items that he wants to donate to DMS including spinning supplies and possibly lapidary/jewelry-making supplies

Dye Sublimation SIG

  • Cary reported that the mug heat press was successfully purchased at the NBM show on the one day the show was open before the County Judge shut down all large gatherings. It resided in Cary's garage until we reopened, when he brought it in, unpacked, and put into it's storage spot in one of the dye sub cabinets. So far, only Chris Marlowe has used it, but reported it was wonderful. Cary feels it will be a nice addition to the SIG tools.


After seeing the results of the "inadequately bolted to the wall" television crash in Digital Media, Judy had asked space leadership to take our television down, since it was likely attached the same way as the Digital Media one had been. So far, it hasn't been reinstalled. (other more pressing issues...)

But - that also made Judy start thinking about whether we should pursue continuing the effort to install shelves via "L" brackets above the cabinets. While lightweight items would probably be okay, the kind of weight that typically gets stowed on top of the cabinets would probably not be safe.

Discussion was around working on something more like pallet rack framing to create platform storage above the cabinets, so instructors are still able to easily roll a cabinet with teaching materials to a classroom, without having to remove a lot of stuff piled on top before doing so.