Creative Arts Committee Meeting 20200908

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Creative Arts Committee Meeting

September 8, 2020

7 p.m.



  • Judy Kriehn - chairman
  • Lara Rosenblith - vice chair (+)
  • Beth Appleton
  • April Burk
  • Cary Fleming (proxy via Judy Kriehn)
  • Nicole Franczvai (+)
  • James Henningson
  • Anette Henningson
  • John Norine

(+) committee members attending meeting via Google Meet


Financial approvals:

(1) Dye sub consumables

Allocate funds not to exceed $600 for the purchase of Dye Sub consumables.

Full set of Ink _____ (SJV8KIT) ___ $ 524

Waste ink tank ____ (PRSG400IT) ___ $ 38

TOTAL = $ 562

Motion - John Norine

Second - Lara Rosenblith

For 7 , Against 0, Abstain 0

(2) Sewing - Industrial Leather Machine

Allocate funds not to exceed $250 for routine service and purchase of more bobbins for Thor.

Motion - Lara Rosenblith

Second - Beth Appleton

For- 8, Against-0, Abstain-0

Excess Consumable Donations - Plan of Action:

(1) Excess donated Gulfstream Leather

Divest ourselves of 4-5 boxes of the Gulfstream leather donations to reduce the volume for storage

Rather than putting it up for "sale", suggest leather takers make donations to DMS scholarship fund

John Norine - motion

Beth Appleton - seconds

For -9, against - o, abstain -o

(2) No official vote, as donation will be going to dumpster if something doesn't happen, but...

Committee agreed that the remnants of the fleece donated by Jeanne Harwell's estate to the space be disposed of in manner like that of the excess Gulfstream leather samples. Rather than trying to host a sale, suggesting that takers make donations to the DMS scholarship fund.

Other action:

  • Committee agreed to appointment of Beth Appleton as Sewing SIG Leader
  • Added to list of software to be installed on the new computers in the Digital Arts room
  • Discussed status of AD groups. For time being, will seek out online training options for the "101 Intro" type classes for most of the equipment. James provided info about plans that Digital Media, Board and Officers are spearheading to allow for video creation and linking to online quiz for appropriate training approvals.
  • Approval of July minutes (posted on WIKI) - unanimous
  • Motion to adjourn - unanimous




SIG Leader Cary Fleming reports that we are low on ink for the dyesub printer. To wit: It is time to order more ink and supplies for the dye sub printer. The black and cyan cartridges have already been installed in the printer, and the magenta and yellow will need to be replaced soon. The waste ink tank was replaced this weekend, so I’d like us the get another to hold in reserve, but this isn’t as crucial.

Supplier: Johnson Plastics

Full set of Ink


$ 524

Waste ink tank


$ 38

TOTAL = $ 562


Not much to report. Beth has given a few members introductory instruction for the Babylocks and the Pfaff.

John Norine and I met with Mike Churchill (@hankcowdog) to try to get ourselves up-to-speed on the Thor and the new table attachment that Mike and Dan acquired for us. We both felt a lot better about using the machine. However, the three of us spent a pretty long time trying to figure out how to get the tension balanced. When stitching through two layers of thick veg-tan, the stitches looked pretty good, but when stitching through thinner leather layers, the results were not good.

Since it has been with us for nearly two years now, and it is known to have been misused, we think that a good plan might be to see about getting it serviced.

I would entertain a motion to allocate funds not to exceed $250 for service and more bobbins for Thor.

Motion Lara Second Beth Appleton

For_8 Against 0 Abstain 0

The three of us also agreed that Thor seems to be our equivalent to everything in the Woodshop. Everybody wants to learn, but not many are knowledgeable enough to teach. So, that is our next objective. One problem that presents itself is that it is nearly impossible to see what is going on from six feet away. I think we have to accept that in the case of teaching this equipment, social distancing will have to be from a shorter distance, and merely insist upon the mask-wearing component.

In other business, if there is no objection, I would like to hand over the reins to the Sewing SIG to Beth Appleton.


In addition to the leather that has been purchased for classes, the gulfstream large hide donations from Mike and Dan, and the boxes currently stored in CA, there are another six or seven boxes of Gulfstream donation leather (smaller samples) in the north warehouse that we need to bring back to our area. Yikes.

My (Judy’s) personal opinion is that we need to put at least some of it up for complimentary grabs, just to reduce the sheer volume requiring storage space.

Thoughts or opinions, anyone?

(FYI - John Norine has agreed to stay on as SIG leader for the time being.)


The Committee/SIG received a sizeable donation from Jeanne Harwell’s estate of fleece and yarn. By sizeable, I mean MASSIVE QUANTITIES of fleeces and a lot of weaving yarn. Martha Myre and Linda Wynne helped me sort through it (mostly discarding the stuff that had gotten buggy or was otherwise yucky) and determining items that could be used for classes. We managed to downsize the hoard by at least a third.

We have until the end of the month to either absorb or divest ourselves of what remains, before Logistics carts it to the dumpster.

Thoughts or opinions, anyone?


FYI - I spent a some time updating the Fiber sources page. While a few have closed and a couple have moved, the area has gained a lot of independent yarn sources!


Nothing to report.

Wide Format Printer

I put the HP DesignJet purchase request on the September Board agenda.

Fingers crossed...


Last Call for Computer Software to install on new desktops in Digital room

I sent out an email to everybody I could think of to list the software we need to Infrastructure to install on the new desktops. Since the old desktops are officially beyond crappy at this point, it’s time to get them loaded up and put into place. I didn’t get a lot of feedback. But here’s what I got:

Vinyl Cutter & Metazza Computer (the one by the door)

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  * Adobe Photoshop
  * Adobe Illustrator
  * Adobe Acrobat
  * Adobe InDesign (maybe?)
  • Inkscape
  • Roland Metaza software
  Note: This peripheral is no longer supported by Roland. 
  I do not know if there are compatibility issues between unsupported software and new system OS. 

FYI - Nobody ever contributed opinions on vinyl cutter software needed - for either the Titan or the new one. Seems like that would be important??

  • Vinyl Master Pro
  • Pep

Dye Sublimation & Cameo Computer (the one against the back wall)

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  * Adobe Photoshop
  * Adobe Illustrator
  * Adobe Acrobat
  * Adobe InDesign (maybe?)
  • SewArt Babylock embroidery software
  • Viking embroidery software?
  • Silhouette Design Studio (Business Edition)
  (note: transfer license on current machine to new machine)
  • Inkscape

AD Groups - Do we need them all?

We have several. Nicole has freely stated that many were instigated to make people take classes, requiring honorarium payments, and therefore build up our treasury. Since the honorarium concept has kind of been turned on its’ ear, and volunteer enthusiasm for teaching has waned, I think it’s time to talk about what really needs to have an intro class attached. That’s not to say that intro classes can’t still be offered, but project classes seem a lot more popular - and a better format to gain practical experience. Given that people break stuff despite training provided, I think we need to have a realistic model that we can fulfill.

Personally, I would like to either drop the training requirement for the basic (Babylock) sewing machines completely or move to something like the “watch this video and take an online quiz” format to turn them loose. I dunno that an AD group is needed there.

The official names of the current AD groups are in boldface

CA Airbrush

in open committee area

CA CNC Embroidery

in the sewing room - includes the loaner Babylock embroidery machine and the DMS-owned Viking embroidery machine.

CA DyeSub Printer

in the digital room

CA Fiberarts

I presume all the tools in the Fiberarts cabinet and the looms, winding frames, etc between CA entry and fire exit.

CA Industrial Leather Sewing

In the sewing room - known as THOR

CA Leatherworking

All the items in the Leatherworking cabinets and the new burnisher, currently living in the sewing room.

CA Metaza Engraver

In the digital room

CA Serger

In the sewing room

CA Sewing Fabric

In the sewing room - I would describe as the general use sewing machines, and includes the Babylock ZESTS

CA Sewing Leather

In the sewing room - Would more accurately be described as "heavy duty sewing machine" and includes the Pfaff 120. (Note: the Consew does not have an AD group restriction beyond the same as the ZEST machines.)

CA Vinyl Cutter

In the digital room - includes the current Titan cutter and will include the new(er) cutter.

CA Wide-Format Printer

None currently in residence. The futzy large one that was in there was relocated to the north warehouse to presumably depart the building.

RESIN Pressure and Vacuum Tools

On the Resin shelving in the open committee area