Creative Arts Committee meeting 20210412

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April 12, 2021


Meeting called to order at 7 p.m.


  • Judy Kriehn, Chair*
  • Lara Rosenblith, Vice-chair
  • Cary Fleming, Dye-Sub SIG leader*
  • Beth Appleton, Sewing SIG leader*
  • Paul Wilson, Large format Printer SIG leader*
  • Astrud Aguirre

(* denotes persons attending "in person". All other attended virtually.)


Approval of February committee meeting minutes:

Motion: Lara, Second: Cary

Vote: For - Unanimous

Election for Chairman

Beth Appleton volunteered to be "it."

Cary moved to elect her chairman by acclamation, Paul seconded

Vote: Unanimous

New Chairman: Beth Appleton

Motion to adjourn:

Motion: Lara, Second: Beth

For: Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.


SIG Reports:


Thor and the Viking were serviced today.

  • Thor needed cleaning and oiling. Also learned where to adjust tension on Thor (the silver dial to the left of the needle.)
  • * The issues with the Viking appeared to all be "operator error." Repairman and chair agreed that acquiring pre-filled bobbins would be a good move to help preclude at least one potential "error." This was accomplished. Sewing SIG leader has chosen a storage location for these.


Chair approved purchases of consumables for classes and general use.

Cary asked for opinions regarding raising price of Dye-sub classes from $5 to $7.50, to ensure the cost of materials is covered. Committee in support.

Discussion Items:

  • Chairman reported discovery of apparent theft of all the xacto handles we purchased earlier this year from the locked teaching cabinets. Committee decided it is time to change the combinations on the teaching cabinets, since too many random people can access the materials stored inside. Cary was appointed to accomplish this task. SIG leaders will be notified of the new combination. Teachers will need to consult the appropriate SIG leader or the Committee Chair to access the new code.
  • The Metazza apparently broke while a member was mid-project. Member Mitch Cerroni asked whether he could take a look. Chair authorized up to $200 for parts, should he decide to undertake the project.
  • Cary was the only SIG leader who had time to review listings on payment kiosk for accuracy. Others still need to peruse.


Approve minutes from December meeting:

(posted with agenda here:

Chairman's report (aka Old Business):

  • The computer upgrade process continues. New machine is attached to Titan.
  • after the March meeting, Cary and I went to the CA area, him to upgrade software, me to see about the stuff we were putting up for adoption. All of the MDF was already gone. So either the word had already gotten out, or somebody just appropriated it on general principles. Whatever... "L" brackets still remain. As well as a pile of 1/2" donated styrofoam someone left. Yay.
  • Got Thor and the Viking Designer SE serviced 4/12/2021.
  • Picked up the Alumilite for Sam from WoodCraft (and yes, we get the discount, but should take along tax exemption forms in the future)
  • Cactus juice has arrived
  • I approved the following purchase possibilities:
    • Up to $200 for repairing the Metazza. (authorized Mitch Cerroni to explore needed parts. dunno if he'll follow through.)
    • Up to $200 for Dye-sub supplies
  • Unpacked the scissors that we ordered. Pulled all the old Fiskars from the sewing room and put them out in the work room on the magnet bars. Replaced with the new scissors we ordered.
  • Judy sorted through the teacher cabinet(s) today. Put sewing stuff on a shelf, got all the leather stuff on a single shelf, got the vinyl/cameo stuff on a single shelf, got airbrush stuff all together, got committee general supplies collected together, and now Judy PISSED. Why? Earlier this year, we bought a TON of xacto knife bodies and what amounted to a pretty good supply of #11 blades. Cary and Judy unpacked the shipment and locked them into the teacher cabinet. I finally located the stash of blades, but the handles are nowhere I can find. Combined with all the AWOL scissors from around our workroom, I'm really feeling annoyed.

SIG Reports/Requests

Cary submitted a list of consumables needed. Since the total was less than $200, and he was willing to do pickup/request reimbursement for most and clue Laura in on any other items, we decided we could skip committee approval this time around in the interest of getting it done.


Judy had her repair guy in to look at the Viking. Several members were concerned about the loud noise it made while stitching. He indicated it was not "out of the ordinary." Recommended purchasing pre-wound bobbins and make sure correct regular bobbins are used. Also noted that machine was not threaded correctly, the needle was not fully inserted, non-embroidery thread was being used, incorrect foot was selected on digital screen. These are items to keep an eyeball on in future. Also had Thor serviced.

Chair Election

This will be for the six month period from May-October 2021.


Other Discussion:

  • Change combinations on the teacher cabinets?
  • Any input on kiosk updates?