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. Creative Arts Committee Meeting

October 13, 2020

Meeting called to order at 7 p.m.



(* denotes online attendance)
Judy Kriehn, CA Chairman
Lara Rosenblith, CA Vice-Chair *
John Norine, Leather SIG leader
Beth Appleton, Sewing SIG leader
Jessie Smithey
Andrew Sheffield


Approval of September committee meeting minutes:

Moved: John Norine
Seconded: Lara Rosenblith
motion passes unanimously

Nomination of Judy Kriehn for Committee Chair - Nov 2020 - April 2021

Moved: Beth Appleton
Seconded: John Norine
In favor: 5
Against: 0
Abstain: 1 - Judy (just because...)

Motion to adjourn:

Motion: John Norine
Second: Lara Rosenblith
motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm(ish)

Other action: Agreed to move CA committee meeting night to second Monday - per online poll posted by Chair.

New DMS member/new Committee member Andrew Sheffield, who came with interest in large format printer and vinyl cutting, inquired about putting feelers out for printer donation. Chair referred him to Paul Wilson, and let him know we are a bit gun-shy about donations at this point. Andrew agreed that without proper maintenance, a printer could be killed rapidly.

Chair provided reports to committee at large on "garage sale", committee area lighting, and updated attendees about the board approval for "in person" equipment sign-offs/honorarium.


Chairman's committee activity report (AKA Old Business):

Beth scheduled the "drive-thru garage sale" we discussed at the last meeting for Saturday, September 26.
I came up to the space the Thursday evening prior to the sale, and emptied all of the boxes of Gulfstream donations that had been in storage at David Kessinger's house during expansion construction. Eight beat-up file boxes crammed full of stuff. Whew! I sorted everything by color groups and by sample sizes. John had indicated he wanted to keep about three boxes worth of leather, so I focused on the larger-sized samples for our "in-committee" stash. There was also a large black/yellow tub crammed full of black utility leather scraps that John didn't realize we even had. I culled the larger chunks of leather, and bagged up all the rest for the sale. With the tub emptied, I filled it completely with the "keeper" samples, and made grab bags with what didn't fit. Which was still about 12 substantial collections of leather samples for the sale.

On the morning of the sale, John Norine came early and helped Beth and me haul all the leather and fiber out to our "sales floor" - that we set up next to the north warehouse ramp and collect display tables to haul outside. Patrick O'Lone helped me drag the bigass tables out of Interactive to the warehouse for John to load onto the flatbed cart to roll outside. Anette and James Henningson came early to help with setup. In addition to our stuff, Ceramics decided to add their excess slipcase molds to the sale, and electronics added the first bins of "stuff we'll never use" to make available for sale. We were also assisted by Russell Crow and other volunteers who wandered by and asked if we needed help setting up the tables.

"Traffic" wasn't overwhelming, but it was steady all day, with many people poring through the remaining fiber. Beth was the "treasurer" for the event, and reports we raised $250.00 cash that day. Others made donations online or made plans to make a donation at a later date if they couldn't get the QR code we had to work properly. So, we offloaded a lot of stuff, and we did some good for the space.

I came back up on Tuesday afternoon and compacted all of the remaining Hargrave fiber, and on Wednesday drove it up to Farmersville for the owner of Fancy Fibers to incorporate into classes or give away as appropriate. Whew.

In other committee business, I talked to Mike Churchill about the possibilities for building racks to make shelving above the rolling cabinets in front of the sewing room. (Leather scraps are a LOT heavier than many other things people stack on top of cabinets.) He felt that metal would be more durable and look better than wood. I submitted rough sketches of my concept to Jim Hartnett to consider as "learning projects" for the metal committee to build in classes. He seemed amenable to the concept, and was going to present to the committee for consideration. I have no further feedback on that.

I've also had email discussions with the Infrastructure Overlord, Andrew Spencer, regarding our crappy lighting situation. I had placed an item on the Board agenda to replace a number of dead fixtures throughout the old half of the DMS space, including the south warehouse, the metal shop, CA, and classrooms. The board conceded that out-of-service lighting was not a good thing, but felt that it should be handled through Infrastructure funding vs. a formal board action item. So they dismissed with the statement that the lighting situation would be addressed sooner rather than later. At the time, Andrew was not yet Infrastructure dude, but was fully supportive of my proposal.

In any case, he hoped to be able to wheedle some direction from the board as to how much money that he can expend - whether all at once or over a period of time. Since Mitch Cerroni and his battlebot team were working in CA weeding vinyl t-shirt transfers IN THE DARK while I was sorting leather samples, I have others who aren't involved with CA regularly, who can speak to the need for forward motion on this issue.

Stay tuned.

Yep, it's that time again. My three-month reign of terror is at an end, and it's time for the next round of "NOT IT!" Bwahaha!


DyeSub Needs spray glue. SIG leader will refill dye-sub paper envelopes and check ink needs in near future

Sewing Judy meeting with M. Blatz on Friday to discuss materials/construction for apparatus to hang the roll items (paper, tagboard, fabric)

Leather Shopping for cutting boards. Lara will donate some accumulated at her house to the cause.

FiberArts no report

Resin no report

Wide Format Printer

The Board discussed the wide-format printer proposal I forwarded to them for consideration by the SIG. They opted to dismiss the proposal, since at this time, traffic at the space is very low, hence demand isn't high. They stated that once things are a bit more "normal" again, the topic would be reconsidered.


AD Groups - Do we need them all? As an addendum to this discussion, the Board has passed a proposal to make honorarium payments available in conjunction with video training. This particular proposal is for 1-on-1 equipment signoffs, when a member would have to demonstrate their knowledge of proper use of the equipment. An example would be the dyesub printer. Cary indicated that he felt like a video instruction process would be effective as long as prospective users had to demonstrate they understood the process. An authorized sign-off instructor would schedule a period of time sufficient for doing 1-on-1 review/proof of knowledge for a minimum of three people. Time for 4-5 signoffs will probably be a better gamble, as we all know no-shows are a ongoing issue. In any case, the board has suggested that the basic info be presented via a Moodle. (If I recall correctly from discussions on Discord, Justin has been doing a lot of study/testing of various platforms and whether they can be coupled to our AD system. I think the 3D Fab online training has successfully been linked.)

Separately, Paul Wilson is putting the finishing touches on a test version of a streaming cart that would contain all the necessary equipment to film a video presentation

Of course, not all equipment needs an "in person" sing-off, so in those cases, we will want to figure out something more like the 3D fab process. I think John's recent observation about people abusing the leather supplies illustrates the need to have _some_ sort of knowledge acquisition involved - although we can't necessarily keep people from raiding the cabinets at will...