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Creative Arts Committee Meeting

November 09, 2020

Meeting called to order at 7:10 p.m.



Judy Kriehn (Committee Chair)
Lara Rosenblith (Committee Vice-Chair)
Beth Appleton (Sewing SIG Leader)
Cary Fleming (Dye-Sub SIG Leader)
Will Hodge (committee member) arrived late


Approval of October committee meeting minutes:

Motion: Cary Fleming, Second: Beth Appleton
For (4)
Against (0)
Abstain (0)

Motion to authorize expenditures totaling approximately $650 for purchase of consumables and equipment replacement. (list included below)

Motion: Beth Appleton, Second: Lara Rosenblith
For: 5
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

Items to be acquired:

  • Hot Glue Gun (2)
  • Cutting Mats
 36 x 24 (2)
 18 x 24 (2)
  • 15" Guillotine Paper Cutter (1)
  • Spray Glue (for dyesub) (2 cans)
  • Chalk Markers (sewing)
  • Industrial Machine Oil (for Thor and Consew machines)
  • Leather Dyes
 32 oz bottles (3)
 4 oz bottles (3)
  • Barge Cement (for leather) (1)

Voted to allocate up to $800 for purchase of new computer to replace the current Dye-Sub system. Preference to replace with the same setup as selected by Infrastructure for the Vinyl and Cameo computers.

Motion: Cary Fleming, Second: Beth Appleton Vote:
For: 5
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

Voted to decline the donation to Creative Arts of the Direct-to-Garment Printer offered by member Tom Cochran.

Motion: Cary Fleming, Second: Lara Rosenblith
For: 5
Against: 0
Abstain: 0

While all present agreed it would be a "cool" toy for DMS to own, the committee felt that we it was not a good fit for Creative Arts, due to lack of available physical space.

Other Actions:

  • Decided to acquire another alpha-combination padlock for the second teaching cabinet, and use the same combination as the current cabinet.
  • Dye-Sub SIG reported that the 3D Press won't turn off. Equipment has sign indicating "out of service", awaiting instructions for a "fix" from the manufacturer.
  • Leather SIG reported that they are working their way through the SIG tools, determining what needs replacement.
  • Sewing SIG reported that a user reported the need for heavier-weight machine oil for the industrial sewing machines.
  • Committee Chair (Judy Kriehn) reported on efforts to upgrade lighting to LED in the space. Encouraged committee members to participate in the "Let There be Light" event scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 14th at 10 a.m. with Infrastructure.

Motion to adjourn:

Motion: Beth Appleton, Second: Will Hodges Vote:
For (5)
Against (0)
Abstain (0)
Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m..


Chairman's committee activity report (AKA Old Business):

M. Blatz helped me put a latch on what will be the second locked teacher cabinet.

Now we need to decide what to do about locks. I think the alphanumeric locks like current is a good option (avoids lock boxes with keys that people forget to put back) but do we want to have a different password for BOTH cabinets (I.e. start from scratch?) Just a new password for new lock?

I've also become aware of some of our crappy equipment. M. was attempting to hot glue some string to a dry-erase board, and both units he tried to use were unable to heat up. I authorized discarding both units he tried. The ones still in the cabinet are likewise crappy. Our stash of cutting mats is in pretty depressing state as well. And the guillotine paper cutter is incapable of easily/accurately cutting paper without a lot of finagling.


DyeSub Needs a new computer.

Those of us who were here when the vote to replace the digital computers took place were not fully conscious of the fact that there are actually THREE computers in there - not just two. I've been in discussions with Infrastructure CTO - Andrew Spencer (@jast), and unless we want to switch to a laptop, we will be WELL covered by allocating a sum not to exceed $800 (same as last December) for acquisition of additional system.



Fiebing’s Pro Dye

32oz ($33.25/per)

  • Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown

4oz ($5.20/per)

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Barge Cement

($23.00) - the old stuff has been abused and is dried out. I’m going to remove the brush from the cap in hopes that it will minimize the goop on the lid and the cap not being closed all the way.

I’m slowly working on going through all the tools to see what needs to be replaced. I know we’ll need a few utility knives and replacement blades for the ones that aren’t busted; I’d like to price out the most economical - unless someone already has a source of good quality that won’t break the bank.

So, for this month's order, $138.35, with free shipping from Weaver over $100.



Wide Format Printer


Direct to Garment Printer

A member, Tom Cochran, has offered the donation of a DTG (Direct to Garment) printing press for printing on light-colored cotton and cotton blend t-shirts. (I.e. printer does not support white ink)

It is a big piece of equipment - approximately 48 x 37 x 24 - that would not fit through any doorways to our area without being turned on its' side. Which means it could not be rolled to a classroom for a class or event. I don't think it would fit inside the current digital arts room without evicting a lot of other equipment living in there.

Ink (four cartridges) is estimated to do around ___ shirts before needing a refill and costs around $___ for the set of carts. The manufacturer specs estimate a cost of around $1.00/shirt. Chris Marlow estimated more like $2 or $3/shirt, given the space propensity to "shrinkage". (aka people or committees doing projects and not paying for same.) I suspect cost would be higher, as I don't think the volume of usage would be such that the nozzles wouldn't get clogged up sooner rather than later or the ink go bad before being used up.

It requires a heat press to "set" the ink after it's been printed. Presumably, it must dry before being heat set, so you're not smearing ink on the heat surface.)

Personally, I think it would be a donation that would fit more closely with the ongoing goals of the printmaking committee, but I'm not sure that they feel the same way. I have reached out to the Board to get feedback, and other than a thumbs-up from Julie, have mostly only gotten "crickets" in response.

As a committee, we can: (a) vote to accept the donation - and figure out the logistics later (b) not accept the donation ourselves, but offer funding/seed money support to the Printmaking committee, should they decide to accept the donation, or (c) Say "thanks, but no thanks" and go on with our lives.

Let there be Light!

Andrew Spencer (@jast) and I have been corresponding with each other regarding the darkness in CA. He _thinks_ we have a couple of cartons of LED tubes enroute to DMS, and he has been told there is a large stash of tombstones and wiring somewhere. As of this writing, Tim Bene is looking for them for us. Beth and I plan to help as much as we can, I hope some of you can as well. I'll update this space with day/time as I get feedback from the various players. Andrew is better for weekends.