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Creative Arts Committee Meeting

December 14, 2020

Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m.



  • Judy Kriehn, Chairman *
  • Lara Rosenblith, Vice Chair
  • Sam Violett - new committee member, interested in teaching resin *
  • Sarah Hustwit *

Later arrivals

  • Divine Utopia
  • Beth Appleton *
  • Paul Wilson
  • John Gorman

(* denotes persons attending "in person". All other attended virtually.)


Approval of November committee meeting minutes: Motion: Lara, Second: Sarah
Vote: For (4) Against (0) Abstain (0)

Motion to adjourn: Motion: Beth, Second: Sarah
Vote: For (8) Against (0) Abstain (0) Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.. Other Actions:

SIG Reports:

Sewing SIG reports that Viking Embroidery machine needs service. (additional note: Beth was the only attendee at her SIG meeting prior to Turkey Day. We are pursuing selling the ConSew machine and replacing with Juki machine that a member has offered to donate that we (Beth and Judy-the-chair) feel will be a better machine fit for the heavy-duty sewing done at the space outside of Thor leather projects.

Discussion Items:

(Old Business)

Computer for Dye-Sub equipment
Board "paused" the expenditure for discussion; I suggested that they let us have one of the computer lab machines so our three machines would all be the same, and transfer the funds we approved from the CA "kitty" to the Lab "kitty" for the day when we can feasibly host computer classes. Board approved designating one of lab computers to our purposes. (I assume the fund transfer will take place as well, but haven't confirmed.)

Lighting Project Update
Andrew and I put together a work day, and the team finished upgrading the fixtures in CA and also did three of the fixtures in Interactive before running out of tombstones and bulbs. More workdays will be added to the calendar in weeks to come.

(New Business)

New(ish) DMS member Sam Violett provided a show and tell of resin projects he has worked on, and indicated his interest in teaching both resin and woodshop classes. He has our thumbs-up.

Utopia asked about Fiberarts SIG in general and whether weaving classes were planned.

  • My response: Since Jeannie's death, Linda Wynne, Christine Miller and Martha Myre have all left the space. They were the people more well-versed in fiber arts in general, and at least in terms of weaving, Christine and Martha were the only regular weavers.
  • Beth said she would investigate interest in teaching an Inkle Loom class. (note: interest check has been posted as of this writing @ 10 pm on 2020-12-14)

After adjournment, conversation continued:

  • Utopia expressed concern that she wasn't qualified to lead a SIG, but I (Judy) told her it that it's more about being a catalyst for interest - both from potential teachers and fiber pursuits that someone might want to learn about. I also encouraged her to start a convo on the Facebook Fiber group and/or Talk.
  • John inquired about sewing machine service costs. I told him what little I know. Merged into conversation about vintage machines and getting them running well, and sources for acquiring same.
  • there may have been more, but I forgot it on the say home. (my laptop had been commandeered for hosting online portion of meeting, and my pen exploded into about eight pieces, so note-taking was iffy at best.) Presumably if it's important, someone will clue me in so minutes can be updated accordingly.


Approve minutes from November meeting:

(posted with agenda here:

Chairman's report:

Shortly after I posted the agenda, Lara was contacted by a member of the board questioning the need for the third computer purchase. Evidently, unbeknownst to the rest of us, the Board is reviewing all purchase proposals over $500.00, which is a change from the $1000 threshold in the financial procedure manual. An understandable/necessary move, but speaking for myself, I wish the committee leadership had been informed of this decision so we could make decisions accordingly. (I would have delayed other lesser-priced equipment replacement, had I known...) In any case, the status of the purchase of the third computer is somewhat unknown at this writing. I sent them a message, and suggested that perhaps they could consider reallocating one of the systems in the "computer lab" to our needs, and transfer our funds to a designated fund for the lab once finances aren't as tight. Andrew (who is CTO of Infrastructure) concurs. So he is working to make that happen.

But - as I have told Cary - I've instructed Andrew that if we can only have the two upgrades already acquired, I want them to be installed on the dye-sub cart and the vinyl desk. The system connected to the silhouette is the least important at this time, imho.


Sewing One or two of the machines need to be serviced.

Leather no report

FiberArts no report

Resin no report

Wide Format Printer no report


Let there be Light!

As you may have noticed (if you've been into the CA area lately), our area looks AMAZING! Andrew Spencer, Pearce Dunlap, and some friends replaced several fixtures the weekend prior to our November meeting. The following weekend, Andrew, Beth, Will, Randy Lisbona, and another guy replaced the remaining fixtures in the main CA room and a few fixtures in the Interactive Classroom. Some of the discoveries we made were that we can reuse some of the old tombstones with all the wiring cut off to be the "dummy" end of the LED tubes. (basically hold them in place.) So the new tombstones and wiring are only needed for one end. The fixtures that were replaced thus far had the old fluorescent ballasts removed, but going forward, we will be leaving the old ballasts in place, just cutting off the wiring. Seems that as a "hazardous waste" item, they are nearly impossible to dispose of.

Andrew hopes that we can work with the board to fund acquisition of materials on a monthly basis to continue the upgrading process until the workspaces will not be remodeled during expansion will be bright again. I hope you guys will keep an eye on the calendar and help out when your schedule allows.