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Creative Arts Committee Meeting

March 8, 2021

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.



Judy Kriehn, Chair *

Lara Rosenblith, Vice Chair

Cary Fleming, Dye-Sub SIG Leader *

John Norine, Leather SIG Leader *

(* denotes persons attending "in person". All other attended virtually.)


Approval of February committee meeting minutes:

Motion: Lara, Second: John

Vote: For - unanimous

Motion to approve funds for resin supply purchases

made by Lara, and seconded by Cary

Motion to approve expenditure of up to $375 to purchase resin mix and Cactus Juice for resin classes. John suggested checking pricing at Woodcraft combined with 10% DMS discount for comparison before placing mail order. Judy volunteered to scope it out and notify our purchasing agent accordingly.

For: unanimous

Motion to adjourn:

Motion: Cary, Second: Lara

For: Unanimous

Meeting adjourned at 7:23 p.m.

SIG Reports:

Sam Violett has classes for resin pen turning and resin knife scales planned. He has calculated the supply quantities needed, and plans to charge $2/student per class to reimburse the committee for supply cost.

Discussion Items:

(Old Business)
Chairman Judy Kriehn reported on the ongoing computer system upgrades in the Digital room. (full info listed below under agenda)

(Other Business)
Discussion regarding CA Resin SIG and how it pertains to current efforts to get the Plastics (PIG) SIG under Machine Shop underway. General consensus was desire to keep the "arty" resin SIG in CA, and encourage the PIG SIG to be more industrial plastic. Messaging Machine Shop Chair, Tim Bene.


Approve minutes from December meeting:

(posted with agenda here:

Chairman's report (aka Old Business):

Computer upgrade process for Digital Room - episode 3:

The upgrade process continues. In the meantime, Infrastructure has gotten Cary added to the ADMIN list for the DyeSub computer so he can update the software.

Affinity Software - "Designer" and "Photo" have been suggested as low-cost alternatives to Creative Suite Illustrator or Photoshop.
This was discussed at the committee meeting. While I support Doug Emes posting on our CA Facebook page regarding the software, I am not pursuing installing it on our computers at this time, simply because - as was pointed out - At this juncture, our computers should not be used as design computers any longer, since DMS has three systems designated for that purpose. Instead, they should be available for members with finished design files to generate their work - be it on a vinyl cutter, the Metazza, one of the Cameos or the DyeSub equipment.

SIG Reports/Requests






Sam Violett has classes planned for combo resin/woodshop projects. Primarily pens and knife scales. He has calculated his needs for Cactus Juice (stabilizer) and Resin as follows:

A+B Alumilite Resin, 16 lb total

$ 160.00 plus shipping

Cactus juice

2 gallons @ $79.95/gal (medium user discount for 2+ gallon purchases)

$ 173.10 plus shipping

TOTAL: $333.10 - not including shipping and estimate $35/3-day ground shipping

Not to exceed $375.00?

Note: He estimates that $2/student per project should recoup the expenditure, and that the supplies will be used before going bad.

Wide Format Printer

Other discussion:

  • Does anybody know what the story is on the separate cash box for vinyl payments in the digital room? Why is it separate from the kiosk setup? Does anybody know who has the key? I was unaware of the thing until I was at the space last month listening to the digital computer discussion, and noticed it over on the table against the back wall. I asked the treasurer if he was aware, and he was not - but said he had a ring of mystery keys. However, before we start trying them all, figured I would ask the hive brain.
  • In related business, I'm not real sure what items are posted on the kiosk for payment, but it's likely long past due updating. If the various SIG leaders could consult their respective hive minds for feedback on the items they feel should be listed for payments and what those payments should be, we'd be well on our way before I start arm twisting Lara and Infrastructure to get 'er done.
  • Next meeting (April) will be the committee chair election for the next six months. Consider this your notice that I do not plan to seek re-election. I feel myself sliding into irresponsibility. Which is usually a sign of burn-out. FYI - I'm not convinced that a chairman needs to be onsite regularly. I think we have good SIG leaders who come around to keep tabs on the committee area, and its more important to have someone to conduct the monthly meeting/maintain oversight of spending. But that's just me...