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  • Current as of 2022-02-19
  • Contact the [Secretary] for updates to this page. Please come with documentation - such as contemporaneous meeting minutes.

When committee chairs/vice-chairs change, various administrative changes must be made. Click here to see the list of tasks.

Committee Chairperson Vice-Chairperson

(subject to updates by Chair)

3D Fabrication Committee Evan Lott @Evan_Lott
Automotive Committee Freddy Calvert @yashsedai
Blacksmith Committee Bri Gearheart @Bri_Gearheart
Ceramics Committee Monika Troester @MonikaT Kendra H @thefinal
Creative Arts Committee Beth Appleton @dryad2b
Digital Media Committee Julie Harris @Julie-Harris
Electronics Robotics Committee Art Givens @artg_dms Evan Lott @Evan_Lott
GlassWorks Committee Pearce Dunlap @pearcedunlap
Infrastructure Group Evan Lott @Evan_Lott
Jewelry/Small Metals Committee Johnny Bluejacket @JBluJkt Joseph Lahoud @nausser915
Laser Committee Chris Vrana @cvrana Jonathan Smith @trapezium
Logistics Group Freddy Calvert @yashsedai
Machine Shop Committee Tim Bene @TBJK Charles Procter @procterc

Bob Karnaugh @BobKarnaugh

Metal Shop Committee Charles Procter @procterc
Motorsports Committee Chuck Graf @dallasmagna Jason Harner @bizwacky
Printmaking Committee Lisa Gabriel @lisaletters
Public Relations Group Julie Harris @julie-harris
Science Committee Kobin Caddick @kobin Kevin Thompson @kthompson395
VECTOR Committee Stephen Wylie @mrcity Jayson @engpin
Woodshop Committee Ian Lee @IanLee