Dye Sublimation SIG Meeting 20200127

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[Dye Sub SIG Meeting]

Talk Thread

[Dye Sub SIG Meeting 1/27/2020 @ 7pm


In Person:

  • Cary Fleming – SIG Leader
  • Doug Emes
  • Cindy Dalton
  • John Kraemer


Called to order at 7:05pm.

Discussed that the approval of the purchase of a heavy-duty stand-alone mug press is likely at the 
March NBM Show, but approval in the November CA meeting minutes is unclear. Getting clarification
from the CA chair. May need to be voted on again in the February CA meeting.

Cary is going to check on the status of the mug wraps that were ordered in December.
UPDATE: They have arrived. They were in the cabinet under the 3D Vac-U-Press. 
We now have four 15 oz. mug wraps, four 12 oz. latte mug wraps, and one 17 oz. latte mug wrap.
They are in the drawers of the flat press cabinet.

We have replacement ink cartridges of all four ink colors for the SG800 printer, as of the meeting.

We need to order 1-2 packages of legal TexPrint-R paper, and a package of envelopes for tabloid 
size paper.

We are waiting for parts to arrive to repair the upper heating element of the 3D Vac-U-Press. They 
should be in any day. Cary will facilitate the repair as soon as possible.

Doug gave us a lot of information about the goals of the Education Committee to get required training 
classes into a more self-service format. We all agreed that this sounds like a great idea for the 
Dye Sub 101 classes, with a brief hands-on checkout for the flat press, due to it not having a built-in
pressure gauge. This would allow the trainers to do more project classes for honorariums. Cary is going
to research existing training videos for the equipment and software that we currently have. These would
be used as a starting point for online training. Our goal is to have something for the SIG to review
and approve for the next quarterly meeting.

This discussion brought up the need to install the newer print driver software that Sawgrass has moved
to for the Sawgrass printers. This will require training for those members that are already certified
on the dye sub equipment, and would be a perfect use of online training. Cary will research whether 
Sawgrass already has a training video for the new driver software, and once something is found, or 
created, will work with Infrastructure to get the new driver installed on the dye sub computer.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30pm.

Vote Actions

Nothing to vote on this time.