Education Committee Meeting 20200126

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Calendar Event

[20200126 Education Committee Meeting]

Talk Thread

[Education Committee Meeting Jan 26th 1pm


In Person:

  • Doug Emes
  • Michael Bayern
  • Priscilla (Kris) Wong
  • Holly Kolman
  • john a gorman
  • Minutes

    Time	Note
    13:00   start meeting
    Education meeting notes and task assignments: 2020.01.20
    Doug demonstrated Articulate
    Education members are requested to please wait to start free trial 30 day license until you’ve trained with Doug
    Existing Content
    Existing videos can be repurposed
    Videos uploaded to YouTube to be captioned; caption files may be downloaded
    New Content
    Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will provide content, starting with Laser
    Create training materials that are the intellectual property of committees (not instructors) to post online where members can learn material on their own time and earn a certificate at the end
    Action Items:
    Doug will provide modules to John 
    John will investigate Google Classroom to add education modules
    Laser will come up with syllabus for Laser 101 (Michael and Kris)
    John will look into testing and forms on google classroom
    Big touch screen at Laser for microclasses
    14:25   End Meeting

    Vote Actions

    1. No actual vote actions this meeting