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Currently (from 7/1/2014 to 7/1/2017) we pay around 8.7 cents per kwh when we use more than 3500 kwh (energy charge of $0.0559). This page has research for switching to a different energy provider.

We're in an Oncor service area.

Energy facts label for the current electric service: Link



"Shopping for electric service for your business is different from shopping for your residential service. For many businesses, shopping for a Retail Electric Provider is a negotiated purchase process, similar to the purchase of a large quantity of computers or wholesale materials for manufacturing or business operations." - Power To Choose

List of Non-residential Providers

New Info (May 2014)

  • Think Energy - 5.5 cents per KWH for a 24 month term
    • Not rated
  • Tara Energy - 5.49 cents per KWH for a 24 month term
    • 4 stars (also has "no customer/base/meter charge" and "100% swing tolerance")
  • Summer Energy - 6.06 cents per kwh for a 24 month term
    • 3 stars
  • Source Power and Gas - 7.13 cents per KWH for a 12 month term
    • 5 stars
  • Cirro - 5.59 cents per KWH for 12 and 24 months
    • 5 star reviews (they also say "no customer/base/meter charge" and "100% swing tolerance")
  • Stream Energy - says they cannot beat 5.5 cents

Note: Stars = industry scorecard reviews: http://www.powertochoose.org/scorecard/Scorecard.pdf

Old Info (April 2013)

List contains average price per kwh (which is energy charges + delivery charges + fees):

April 2013 Update

  • SmartCom - $0.0971 average per kwh for 1,500+ kwhs
  • NEC - Average 13.8¢ per kwh for 1,500 kwh
  • Bounce Energy
    • Oncor (Non-Demand Meters) 10.8¢ (1,500 kwh)
    • Oncor (Demand Meters) 13.7¢ (1,500 kwh)



We paid $50 in taxes in the month of September. We need to find out if we're supposed to be paying taxes our our electric bill. Probably not, since we're 501c3.

Update: Got this fixed, they refunded all of the taxes we previous paid and taxes are only $10 now.