Electronics Committee Meeting 06-13-2019

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    • Start - 7:35p
  • ELab status / consumables
  • a) Hakko desoldering gun - check spare parts, filters, nozzles,etc. Order as needed.
  • b) Metcal / Hakko soldering stations. Check tips and current stock of. Order as needed.
  • c) Better lighting for benches - LED
  • d) Portable/clamp side lighting source - dimmable
  • e) Check solder supply. Order as needed.
  • f) Sand/kitty litter bin/bucket for charging/discharging lithium batteries.
  • AR SIG - Reminder to have mtng. Discuss antenna ideas, etc… Put together antenna plans w/ options to discus w/ Landlord.
  • Expansion - Rich Meyer - Drop Cords - Need to mark where needed.
  • Art Givens - Seeking approval to spend up to $200.00 to cover shipping costs for sending databooks/manuals to Archive.org, BitSavers.org and/or other organizations that convert them to pdf files and make them available for downloading. Motion by Jeff Ray - Spend up to $200.00 on shipping to send databooks/manuals to Archive.org, etc. Need to verify that they don’t already have a copy. Check on media shipping rates by various shippers.

2nd - Mike Chittenden

For: unanimous

Against/abstain: none

  • Purge / Update Electronics Committee members list on the wiki. Post out on Talk and send pm to team electronics.
  • End - 9:04p