Electronics Committee Meeting 08-08-2019

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Start: ~7:20p

ELab status / consumables - no report.

ELab Theft - LED dot matrix sign stolen. Has been returned. 2 (3?) young members have been banned. Report was filed w/ Carrollton PD.

Classes - Electronics Committee is limited to 15 honorarium classes / month. Teachers need to be OK’d by the Chair. Part of the result of Chair/V-Chairs mtng dealing w/ honorariums.

Expansion - Personal bin storage between ELab and Science gets moved. Has been OK’d by BoD. Area is split between ELab and Science. ELab east boundary gets a 3’ x 17’ offset.

Formation of PCB Mill SIG and Team_PCB Mill. done Formation of Team_Amateur Radio. done

Amateur Radio donation - Daniel Wynne (lordrook) Radios and pwr sply.

SIG reports - none.

Misc - brief discussion on fpga kits - Intel/Altera and Xlinx.

Reminders - Mouser donation list - what do we need/want? AR SIG needs to have mtng.

End: ~8:30p