Electronics Committee Meeting 11-07-2019

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Start ~7:45p

Visitors / guest - none

ELab Status, Consumable, etc.

   replace / upgrade - flush cutters, medium and heavy duty pliers and wire cutters
   replace lug crimp tool and self adjusting wire strippers
   replace insulated screwdriver set
   duckbill pliers and Engineer (brand) crimpers recommended by Raymond Jett
   status of spot welder - good op cond.
   Thomas is working on location beacon for tools / lab gear. Experimental stage - shows potential.
   better lights for the 2 Mouser benches

Sig Reports

   PCB Mill
   a) order vacuum cleaner
   b) research lights for inside box
   c) Michael - test runs and start outlining material for classes
   a) first mtng scheduled - thank you Doug!
   b) conduit and nema boxes installed
   c) 6x coax lines and cntrl line installed

Mouser Donation - need lists / suggestions

Election Open for nominations - no one else Art Givens running - solo Vote - unanimous for Appoint Raymond Jett as V-Chair

End ~9:30p