Electronics Committee Meeting 2015-01-10

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Electronics/Robotics Committee Meeting – 1/10/2015

Interim Chairman David Ratcliff called meeting to order at 2PM. Minutes taken by Ken Purcell.

Since the membership model from the Wiki no longer uses the Forums or Google Groups the floor is opened to DMS members who would like to join the committee. A few members wanted to join in order to participate in this meeting only and some wanted to become permanent members. The list of the current members from the wiki were announced https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/Electronics_Robotics_Committee

By a show of hands those present indicated their choice to become either type of member.

Temporary Members:

  • Carl
  • William

Permanent Members:

  • Dan Ribaido
  • Art Givens
  • Russel Ward
  • Will Alderman
  • Chris Morgan
  • Jay Cox

Nominations from the committee for chairman:

  • David Ratcliff
  • Ken Purcell
  • Art Givens – Co Chair

Each candidate gave position statements on how they would organize and run the committee. Each candidate answered questions from the group.

Chairmen called ten minute recess at 2:40PM.

Committee meeting resumes at 2:50PM.

Additional questions were asked of each candidate with specific concerns about Classes, Public/DMS outreach , work areas and the issue of the donated electronic parts.

The committee called a vote on the nominations. Candidates were asked to leave the room while votes were cast and tallied.

(any notes of voting process to be entered here)

Candidates were called back and the results announced. Ken Purcell was selected to be recommended to the DMS Board of Directors for Chairman of the Electronics Robotics Committee.

The chairman pro tem discusses the next steps for the committee. The first action is to hold informal exchange on discourse (https://talk.dallasmakerspace.org/c/electronics) for planning for the open house and finalize the groups goals.

Initial Discussion Topics are:

  • Electronics Classes
  • Scopes – what are they for?
  • Basic soldering skills class – include a kit
  • Kits to assemble
  • Basic Multimeter Class
  • Ask Brandon Davison about DMS PCB Card w/micro-controller
  • Group Project Ideas: Gigantic Arduino Board
**check thingiverse for files.

Meeting adjourned: 3:30pm