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Business Operations and Management



[Chris Seifert]MBA, Strategy, Business Plans, Marketing Communication / Advertising Plans, Direct Marketing, Return on Investment, Networking, Door to Door, Cold Calls, Marketing Lists, SPAM!!!

[Virginia]: business plans (Microsoft Office suite), presentations to clients, market sizing and segmentation, focus groups and other testing, marketing return on investment calculations

[Nick Sainz]: Graphic Design, Mailings, Internet Advertising, Social Network Development, and Location Specific Marketing.

[Greg Needel]: market research, voice of the customer surveys,

[David Jannke]: Business plans, tradeshow organization, advertising material design, market segmentation and analysis, business case analysis

Finance and Accounting

[Chris Seifert] MBA, Certified Public Account, worked for 2 of the Big 4 accounting firms

[Virginia] financial modeling, profitability calculations, financial projections, budgeting

[David Jannke] Financial modeling, business cases, roi, budgeting, project costing, item costing, procurement analysis, profitability analysis

Web and E-Commerce

[MIke Eber] nopCommerce, SSL, CubeCart, Authorize.net, Dwolla, PayPal IPN

[Chris Seifert] eCommerce, Payment Processing, Online Banking Transactions

[Andrew LeCody] High-Availability servers, virtual machines/"cloud", LAMP stack + Varnish (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB, MediaWiki, various php-based e-commerce software, Ubersmith, WHMCS

[Greg Needel]: Wordpress


[Chris Seifert]Course work in Intellectual Property and Business Law. Have an interest in Intellectual Property.


Supply Chain

[Mike Eber] USPS, FedEx, UPS mass shipping

[Chris Seifert] Activity Based Management, win/win manufacturing to retailer supply chain analysis and optimization, business process reengineering

[Nick Sainz]: Warehousing, Global Distribution, Retail Distribution, and Chinese Supplier Interaction.

[Greg Needel]: Sourcing in Asia,

[David Jannke] Strategic sourcing, tactical product exporting, supply chain reengineering, freight operations


[Chris Seifert] Project Team Management

[Andrew LeCody] President and Board Member of the Dallas Makerspace

[Greg Needel]: Project Management, Scheduling, Milestone Planning.

[David Jannke] Project management, executive management, upward management, supplier management, change management

[Cam Cairns]: Project Management, identification of critical project elements, leveraging existing technology


[Chris Seifert]Strategy, Planning, Networking, Door to Door, Cold Calls, Management Consulting lead follow ups

[Nick Sainz]: Business to Business Sales, Product Representation and Resale, Print Brokering, Cold Calls, Networking Group Organization, Lead Conversion, and Project Based Development and Production.

[David Jannke] Trade show lead generation, high dollar sales,

Project Management

[Chris Seifert] Management Consulting team lead, Technical lead in Software Development

[Andrew LeCody] Lead Systems Engineer

[Greg Needel]: Project Management, Scheduling, Milestone Planning.

Research and Development

Please specify your competencies under each of these headings


Please specify ability within the programming language
1-Pro: I'm elite and stand out in this language and field of programmers,
2-I Get Paid: I currently am paid to code this language coding is easy and I have infrequent problems,
3-Rusty: I use to be paided to code this language and am a refresher from jumping right back in,
4-Editor: I'm not a pro but can work with available code and figure out most problems,
5-Dangerous: I'm able to edit already written code but have issues with the language and can't be solely relied on for coding.

[Mike Eber] VB.NET, C#.NET, Processing (Arduino), C, MSSQL, MySQL, Mono for Android

Virginia: basic Ruby and Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS

[Chris Seifert] Object Oriented whatever, 2 - Java, 1- C#, 1 - .Net, 1 - Sql Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, 2 - Front-end web development (but, NOT an artist), 2 - Salesforce.com

[Nick Sainz]: HTML-4, Java-5, CSS-5 I'm Dangerous :)

[Andrew LeCody] PHP-2, CSS-2, HTML-2, C/C++-5

[David Jannke] PicBasic Pro-2

[Cam Cairns]: Python-2, C/C++-2, Erlang-4


Please specify ability within the programming language
1-Pro: I'm elite and stand out in my use of this software,
2-I Get Paid: I currently am paid to use this software and have very few problems,
3-Rusty: I use to be paided to use this software and am a refresher from jumping right back in,
4-Editor: I'm not a pro but can work with the software and figure out most problems,
5-Dangerous: I'm able to launch the program and play around, but often get lost and don't know what to do.

[Mike Eber] Eagle CAD, Allegro, MS Office, Windows XP-7 & Servers, Ubuntu, Android, HitFim, Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere

[Nick Sainz]: Adobe Design Suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)-2, Office Suite-2, Adobe Premiere-4, Eagle CAD-5, Windows-3, Mac-4, Flash-3

[Andrew LeCody] Eagle CAD-3, Linux-1 (Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS/Fedora/RHEL), Adobe Premiere Pro-4

[Greg Needel]: Pro-engineer, Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, MS office, MathCad,

[David Jannke] Diptrace, Bobcad, Office, Misc draw and photo programs, Audacity, Brookshire Automation Software

[Cam Cairns]: Linux-3, Eagle CAD-2, Orcad-2, Matlab-2, Android-4, Autocad-3


[Mike Eber] Circuit Board Layout, Schematic Design

[Andrew LeCody] Circuit Board Layout, Schematic Design

[Greg Needel]: Mechanical Design

[David Jannke] Circuit board layout, schematic design, mechanical design, redesign for durability, redesign for maintenance

[Cam Cairns] Schematic Design, Mechanical Design.


[Mike Eber] Photo PCB Etch

[Greg Needel]: Machining, 3d printing, Laser cutting, woodworking, Welding, Outsourcing

[David Jannke] Mold making, vacuum forming, welding, woodworking, CNC router cutting, metalworking, plastic forming, fiberglass, combinations



[Mike Eber] SMT & PTH Soldering rework, Hot Air Rework, Pick & Place setup and production, pcb stencil printing

[Chris Seifert] Activity based management, attribute pricing, and reengineering of manufacturing processes (as a management consultant / facilitator)

[Nick Sainz]: PCB Production, PCB Assembly, Soldering through hole and surface mount, Pick and Place, PCB Stencil Printing, Reflow, Hot Air Rework

[Andrew LeCody] PCB assembly and PTH soldering, some PCB production

[Greg Needel]: Design for MFG, Sourcing in Asia, Production line design,

[David Jannke] Low volume manufacturing


[Chris Seifert] Activity Based Management analysis and reengineering of large-scale printing / manufacturing of technical books

(Nick Sainz) I work in the print industry and have expertise in Garment printing, Textile, Ad Specialties, Commercial Printing, Advertising, Variable Data, Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Thermography, Lithography , Screen Printing, Direct to garment printing, Large Format Printing, Package printing, Web-Offset Printing, Fine Art Printing, Material Printing, Signage, and Specialty Printing


Virginia: Photoshop, InDesign
[Nick Sainz]: PCB Production, PCB Assembly, Soldering through hole and surface mount, Pick and Place, PCB Stencil Printing, Reflow, Hot Air Rework


Virginia: sewing, painting, cake decorating, model making (architectural models)
[Nick Sainz]: Ceramics, Sewing, Photography, Vector Art, Raster Art, Mixed Media, Embroidery, Installation Art, Sculpture

Qualifications, Certifications, and Degrees

Post your qualifications by using a bulleted list subordinate to a level three heading like so:

Will Stewart

  • Experienced Copywriter
  • Commended Debater and Public Speaker
  • Management Experience
  • Engineering Student at Duke University

Mike Eber

  • Cisco CCENT (expired)
  • General Class Amateur Radio License
  • Systems Support Specialist


  • Master of Science Finance
  • Master of Science Health Administration
  • Bachelors of Architecture
  • Industries: health care, consulting (management/real estate), senior housing

Chris Seifert

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and past Sun Certified Java Developer and Sun Certified Business Component Developer
  • Certified Public Accountant - Tejas

Nick Sainz

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science
  • Graphic Designer
  • Print and Production Facilitation
  • Photography

Andrew LeCody

  • Linux Administrator and Systems Engineer
  • PHP Programmer - Write and maintain critical internal and external WebApps (Dev AND Ops)
  • Professional Problem Solver - Tasked with solving odd or one-off technical issues or creating unique products

Greg Needel

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Concentration in Product development
  • Established relationships with Asia Mfg,
  • Long experience with injection molding and Design for Manufacturing.
  • Numerous Patents both issued and pending
  • Responsible for design and execution of numerous consumer products

David Jannke

  • MBA, Analytic Finance
  • Strategic management consultant
  • Robot manufacturing company owner (9 years)

Cam Cairns

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Antennas for aircraft, submarines and ships
  • Microwave component development
  • Power system control (SCADA, Phasor-based Adaptive Protection, Stabilizers)
  • Assembly line control
  • Real time distributed systems
  • Signal processing
  • Instrumentation